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Former French restaurant at Rosedale circa 1980s

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Does anyone remember what the name was of the French restaurant in Rosedale in the 1980s? They had the best French Onion Soup!

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  1. Are you thinking of Le Bistro? They had a great house salad dressing too. The Strib printed the recipe years ago, and we still make it now and then.

    1. Yes! I can't believe I couldn't remember such an easy name! Thank you & you are right, their dressing was awesome. Do you have the recipe to share?

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        Was there another location in downtown St. Paul's Town Square? My mother used to take me to a place with the same name and I loved their hollandaise. Kind of weird for a 6 year old to like a plate of broccoli and hollandaise.

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          Looking for the recipe. We seem to have misplaced it, but it's a favorite so we'll hunt. (My wife and I actually purchased jars of the house dressing from Le Bistro near Ridgedale to use at our wedding rehearsal dinner about 30 years ago!)

        2. I worked at Dayton's Rosedale back in the 80's. I loved that French onion soup too!

          I believe it was called Le Petit Bistro. Found this old link, http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant..., which means they must've existed into the internet age.

          From my search results, it appears they were a nationwide mall chain.