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Sep 25, 2013 11:49 AM

Lucy's Fried Chicken on Burnet

Went for a late lunch on Sunday. It was a great day to sit out on the open patio which was pretty packed. I've only had their chicken at last year's ACL so was looking forward to eating some in our hood.

The fried chicken livers were delivered first and they were very snacky.
A perfect chipotle sauce on the side. The basket of chicken was next and was pretty good but a veritable salt bomb. Seriously, we were drinking water for the next several hours. In search of something relatively healthy, we ordered the jicima salad - which sadly, turned out to be inedible. It was basically smoked red cabbage, nary a strand of jicama in site, languishing in a thin, flavorless mayo glaze. They were nice enough to take it off the bill.

Overall, the chicken was tender, not overly greasy, but not nearly filling enough for 10.00. And the salt was overwhelming. I realize frying a chicken breast is tough but man, I'd like a little more meat than what a leg, thigh and back can provide.

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  1. It only makes sense to buy the bucket. Everything else there is a rip

    1. I agree. Somebody need's to be talked-to at that restaurant! Salt must be used sparingly - nothing ruins a dish easier.

      1. Went there about two weeks ago. My chicken was salted fine, but the batter for the fried deviled eggs was too salty.

        The potato salad was too watery. Jicama salad was ok, but it was mostly red cabbage like you mentioned.

        The homemade banana pudding was my favorite part of the meal.

        1. We went there on the first day it opened and had the 4 pieces and the kale. The chicken was good, fried well with a nice crust but my take is that not only is it salty but very oily. Perhaps that is just a consequence of deep frying chicken but perhaps it should drain a little longer. I will agree with it being too sally.

          The kale thing was delicious. In addition to the fried, I suppose, kale there were several different grilled squashes on the plate all very good and I don't even like squash.

          We will go back, but FYI, just up the road the Top Notch serves formidable FC as well.

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            I saw a show a while back (either America's Test kitchen or Alton Brown) where they showed that the most important factor in the amount of grease absorbed by fried chicken is the temperature of the fry grease. That should be an easy fix.

            1. re: Alan Sudo

              I'm sure they'll get the bugs out... BTW I picked up a flash frying technique from Rocco Dispirito that puts out decent fried chicken with less than a minute in the grease.