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Sep 25, 2013 11:08 AM

Last Gasp - Victoria Inn, New Start - 12th Avenue Grill

The Old Victoria Inn sign is being painted out in preparation for the October 1 official opening of 12th Avenue Grill. They've been having a few private parties, wine tastings in the meantime.

pic downloaded from the web.

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  1. Hope they are able to maintain quality at the larger venue. I did like the old location, small and cozy, a perfect neighborhood restaurant. Wishing them the best.

    1. are they like a big city diner, or how would you describe them?

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      1. re: indelibledotink

        no no no
        check out their menu online
        it's kind of a bistro, i would say
        they are also the owners of SALT
        and their chef is opening cucina in the whole ox space oct 1

      2. i kinda have a problem with them painting over a classic sign like that
        i read on their twitter feed that they were having problems getting rid of it
        too bad someone from the victoria inn family can't have it
        or some museum
        i wonder what happened to all the old signs that were in the space above gordon biersch?
        what was it called?
        big island steakhouse or something like that
        they were associated with pinky's in aikahi

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        1. re: macsak

          victoria was run by my friend's family. back in the day they also had violet's grill.

          the old sign was kind of iconic.

          1. re: macsak

            I'm guessing they are having issues with the sign permit. I've never seen anyone paint out an illuminated sign before.

            removing the plastic panel with the words victoria inn isn't a big deal physically, there is no reason not to give it to the family - if they want it. I have trouble seeing it as iconic, after all signs like that weren't common until the 1970's. its not like the neon sign for McCully Chop Sui that was there from the 1940s. But its all a matter of perspective I suppose.

              1. re: KaimukiMan

                Gee because it's de rigeur to comment on everything......I'll add that I agree about the McCully sign. I loved their sizzling seafood platter amongst other things.

                  1. re: macsak

                    Oh, I'm glad you did. It is odd to think they have to paint a sign for their own business. I am most happy for them and this move, gonna be great things happening! I did not mean for you to take offense macsak.

                    1. re: manomin

                      no prob, mano

                      on a side note, going to try signature steakhouse happy hour sunday!
                      will likely check out 12th ave grill sometime soon too

                      1. re: macsak

                        if you're not going to sit at the bar, make sure you don't get the table rightr by the piano.

                1. re: KaimukiMan

                  yeah, i think it was a permit thing

                  that place i was talking about at aloha tower had the charlie's fishing supply neon sign
                  it was awesome

                  1. re: macsak

                    now that's a sign i remember. i didn't know it ended up at big island steakhouse (one of many failed businesses at aloha tower.) who'da thunk that building a shopping/dining venue with virtually no parking would be such a bad idea . . .