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Do you cook arugula?

I love it raw but recently used it in a frittata and did not care for it cooked, at least in that application. I am curious if anyone enjoys it cooked?

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  1. Its nice wilted in olive oil and garlic.

    1. I put it on pizzas and throw it into sautes for vegetables that get tossed with pasta, To cook it like you would spinach, you really need the tough/older/wild arugula. We used to use the plants that had bolted when we were growing arugula.

      1. I add it to pasta while cooking (near the end -1 or 2 min) and I also do that with spinach and broccoli. I often prefer it blanched first like this and then drain completely and cook a little in whatever I am using to sauce the pasta - probably depends on how mature the arugula is. I have had some good arugula wilted and some not.

        1. I love it raw and cooked. I usually wilt with olive oil and garlic, some vinegar or bacon is also delicious too. A recent favorite was sauteed with Maitake mushrooms, pancetta, and garlic.

          Cooked or raw arugula pesto is also delicious!

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            Then I shall give it another try. I planted too much just for salads.

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              whiz your bounty in the food pro with some olive oil. divide into 1-2 tablespoon portions, wrap in plastic wrap, put the little packets in a ziploc to freeze. use them over the winter as "pesto" over pasta or in soups or over chicken.

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                  I agree, great pesto. I've added cashews and it was fantastic.

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                    i like freezing excess herbs just with oil. this way it's more versatile later on.

          2. I have found that cooked it can become bitter, especially the older full leaved arugala.
            My favorite way to eat it is to buy the "baby arugala" which is very delicate yet spicy and i put a big handful in the bottom of a bowl and pour my hot soup ontop. The arugala wilts a bit but doesnt "cook" or become bitter.

            1. I most often have arugula cooked... in the bottom of a soup bowl, tossed with noodles and tomato sauce, blanched and included in a fritatta. Also chopped and included with my instant ramen. Something to remember when preparing for cooking... take the stems off.

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                I like the stems but they do up the chew factor. I'm loving the frittata idea.

              2. I love it cooked! I usually cook is very lightly and add either a savory or acidic flavor to it. Yum. If I am putting it on pizza, I lay it on raw and it cooks while the pizza bakes. With pasta, I usually toss the chopped arugula with the pasta right after draining, and the residua heat wilts it.

                It makes a nice pesto.

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                  Lots of good ideas. Thanks, everyone!

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                    Yes, that is what I do with arugula and pasta--toss it with the hot, drained pasta so it wilts a bit does not lose it's peppery bite. One of my favorite pasta dishes to to make is pasta with arugula, mashed canned sardines, capers, lemon juice, garlic, fresh ground pepper, sometimes red pepper flakes and a whole lot of really good olive oil. Yum!

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                      oh god I have to try this now.

                      Also, nice taste in reading material :)

                  2. No, no, no! It is one of those foods, like mango, that loses flavor completely when cooked. It is best enjoyed raw, or maybe slightly wilted, as when you toss it with a garlicky hot pasta dish, but I think it's a total waste to cook it!

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                      Interesting, the flavor is pretty strong when I cook it, even in pesto it tastes like well, arugula.

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                        "...like mango, that loses flavor completely when cooked..."
                        Who knew?!
                        I'll never cook mango again!

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                          Mango loses its flavour when cooked??

                        2. I stir it into risotto at the last minute and the heat wilts it beautifully. Delicious. I also use it in my pesto (which combines basil, parsley and arugula) which eventually makes it onto cooked pasta and in risotto and frittatas.

                          1. I much prefer fresh arugula over cooked. The texture is not always right when cooked.

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                              I stir baby arugula into soups, or lentil dishes just before serving. The arugula only wilts slightly. I also toss baby arugula with pasta and whatever sauce I'm using. There's little to no actual cooking of the arugula.

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                                I am fairly certain I would like it just barely wilted as you describe. Thanks.

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                                  "I also toss baby arugula with pasta and whatever sauce I'm using. There's little to no actual cooking of the arugula."

                              2. i've tossed into a loose bean soup to wilt near the end, and it was fine. i wouldn't want to cook it, per se.

                                1. how i like it on pizza is actually dressed separately in a nice vinaigrette, then piled on top of the hot, cooked pizza.

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                                    Ina has a pizza recipe like this and I love it.

                                  2. Giada De Laurentiis has a Lemon Spaghetti with Wilted Arugula recipe.

                                    1. I wanted to add another idea for cooked that I enjoy, stuffed chicken with arugula and ricotta, goat cheese or feta.

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                                        I bet that's good. So do you use only one of the cheeses? I first read your post to mean either goat cheese or feta in addition to ricotta, then realized I may have read that wrong. A little brain dead this evening. lol.

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                                          I'm also brain dead so you're in good company. I usually only pick one of the above. Or use a hard-cheese like cheddar. Any cheese works and if bacon is on hand that often finds it's way in there as well.

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                                            It is Friday, isn't it? Bacon sounds even better.