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Sep 25, 2013 08:53 AM

Ravioli in Rome?

Is there a great place to get Ravioli in Rome?

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  1. Not sure what you are looking for - there is definitely ravioli in rome - Flavio has a nice, light version one with marjoram, Monti offers a large single raviol(o) with an egg in it - there are others.

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      Your post reminded me that La Campana does a signature artichoke ravioli dish, yes? I've only heard about it, never eaten there.

    2. I would head to Colline Emiliane in Rome, which serves the foods of Emilia-Romagna and therefore a variety of stuffed pastas disks or squares or triangles. It won't be called ravioli, however, but tortelloni, or tortelli or triangoli, and most likely will not be served with a tomato sauce or a meat sauce.

      I've eaten homey but good handmade ravioli at Sor'eva in Rome, which is in the piazza delle Rovere. I am not sure it is on the menu every day. At various times of the year it can be pumpkin ravioli with a buttery sauce, or cheese with red sauce, or mushroom, etc.

      The tony vegetarian Il Margutta in Rome frequently has ravioli on its menus, stuffed with burrata or ricotta (and vegetables or herbs) and that sometimes has a red sauce.

      I've never been, so have no idea about quality, but I would be fairly certain that Ambasciata di Capri in Rome has pasta disks stuffed with mozzarella and served with a tomato sauce.

      If you are by any chance headed out to Ostia Antica, the restaurant Il Monumento serves food from the Romagna half of Emila-Romagna, and they serve cappelacci (small stuffed purses of pasta filled with ricotta, proscuitto or often pumpkin).

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          Yes, twice. Once for dinner and once for lunch. I enjoyed both times immensely. The food is really simple, and I would even warn imprecise. If you haven't been and want to go, I would suggest sticking to dishes that don't require precise cooking (although I have to admit I saw fish going to another table and it looked good).

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            great.thanks. We tried to get in once when visiting Ostia Antica on Epiphany, but they were fully booked.Will try again.

      1. Colline emiliane comes to mind for a classic version, glass and metamorfosi for surprising and amazing but more modern versions.

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          Thank you all so much!
          Colline Emiliane sounds perfect.

          The other restaurants I'm considering are:
          La Campana

          I need to eliminate 1-2 to fit in Roscioli and some Pizza.

          Do you have a suggestion? Is there a house specialty I must try at any of those?

          Thanks again to all of you

        2. Ravioli covers a lot of ground.

          The stuffed pasta at Colline Emiliane is called tortelli di zucca. They are largish and filled with a puree of winter squash, in two versions, Ferrara without amaretti and Mantua-style with crushed amaretti (so sweeter, and the squash is already sweet). They are sauced only with melted butter and grated parmigiano, and last time I had them, precious little butter. This dish is delicious (with enough butter), in both versions, but has nothing to do with Rome.

          The gourmet restaurants usually have some sort of gourmet ravioli, usually delicious, but hard to predict.

          The true Roman style, homemade large floppy squares filled with ricotta and spinach and sauces with either butter and fresh sage or simple tomato sauce, you need to go to a trattoria, and even then you need to check they have them. Nerone almost always has excellent freshly made ravioli. I'm not sure where else because I tend not to order them, but they are very traditional.

          In traditional Roman restaurants meat-filled ravioli tend to be semicircular and are called agnolotti. They always had them at Paris, in Trastevere, and I think they also have normal ravioli. Agnolotti have become harder to find.

          1. My favorite ravioli in Rome is not at all traditional: burrata stuffed ravioli with pistachio pesto at Taverna dei Fori Imperiali


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              Mbfant thank you for the information. Yes, it's the stuffed pasta that I was looking for not necessarily concerned with it being an actual ravioli. I did screenshot your response. Lots of great stuff.

              Minchili I've read about the burrata stuffed ravioli. Perhaps that's what started the quest. I rarely take the time to make stuffed pasta at home but I do love it. I was surprised when no one mentioned it at the beginning. However, I have read such mixed reviews of Taverna dei Fori Imperiali.

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                The mixed reviews are mostly here on this board. And mostly from a group of the same 5 or 6 people. And mostly mixed because two of us love, and the other four don't.

                But if you go beyond this board, you'll see that Taverna dei Fori Imperiali rarely gets any bad reviews from people, and most often gets rave reviews of people going back several times during their stays.

                Due to the nature of the location, it is almost always full of tourists. Also, a lot of food writers have written about it (sorry!) which makes it even more popular. So if you don't like that aspect of it, then avoid it.

                I think Alessio, the owner, is a very talented cook, who is always playing around with new ideas for dishes. I find this not only delicious (usually) but also a welcome change.

                If you do a search online you'll see other food and travel writers have responded enthusiastically about the food here. Melissa Clark, Frank Bruni, etc.

                And finally the service is just about the friendliest in town. Which I think matters a lot.



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                OMG E - that sounds fantastic. I am such a sucker for burrata. Taverna is going back on my list for the next trip!