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Sep 25, 2013 07:55 AM

Beat Hotel

Has anyone been yet? How is it? I was thinking of stopping by tonight, but everything looks slightly overpriced -- $34 for swordfish tacos?!

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  1. have been 2x for late night food and drinks- last wednesday had artichoke and parm entree($22.)& 3 friends had the burgers($17). the food was fine, drinks unbalanced( ordered off of their signature drinks list. we gave it another shot late saturday night. same outcome. please consider in this take that we were there at midnite- cant speak for earlier in the night.

    1. slightly to VERY overpriced I'd say. $21 for mussels and potatoes? What's the food cost there....$3-$4?.... $10 chowder...$3 oysters..and on and on....I'll pass.

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      1. The combination of the price point and the fact that I never had anything other than meh food at the Beehive has me not running over there.

        1. Given the operator's history, I would expect it to be a gorgeous space with good to middling bartending (a crapshoot, depending on who you get) and unextraordinary food, especially since The Beehive's chef has moved over to Beat Hôtel -- and backfilled there by Marc Orfaly of Pigalle(!).

          I still want to check it out.

          1. Sat at the bar and had a perfect cocktail and the moules frites were delicious--they called it a bouillabaisse prep and the sauce was fantastic, the fries were very good, service was great also. Am glad it was so good because it felt about 20% too expensive. If I'd timed it right to hear the live music, though, I think I would have softened a bit about the bill, since they don't charge a cover and you can linger for a good long time--the space is really big (350 or so seats?) so no one is moving you along. The space is also fun and gorgeous, the artwork is something special. I am really glad it is there, just wish it was more like Highland Kitchen type prices.