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Sep 25, 2013 07:43 AM

Eater's list of 20 underrated restos [San Francisco]

Saw this list today, and I'm a little embarrassed to say that I'd never heard of a lot of the places on the list.

Some of the places I'd been to on the list are places I like just fine (Mandalay, Blue Plate), or places that I at least think are decent (Zazie, Contigo), but then there are a lot of places I've never been to. Radius? Darwin Cafe? They go as far as saying that an item at Poc-Chuc is "to die for."

I am much curious. Anyone have any comments on them?

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  1. I'm glad they mentioned Darwin Cafe. I haven't been there in a couple years but I used to go there every week. I think of it as more of a neighborhood place -- it's very small, great for lunch but with very good simply-prepared food.

    1. Interesting... at least 1/4 of those places are small plates places.
      It's a little disappointing that there isn't more listed for the Sunset or Richmond districts, or in the southern part of SF.

      La Ciccia, which is also a fixture on Eater's Top 38 Restaurants is an odd choice as "underrated." It's doesn't get a huge amount of press compared to places in better locations, but I rarely see dinner reservations available from 6:30-8:30 on Opentable. You might have better luck calling them for these hours.

      I like Poc Chuc, but the overpowering smell of cleaning product made for an unpleasant experience recently. Sample platter and Poc Chuc still were awesome.

      Thoughts on Fiore Caffè?

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        Fiore is a pretty place for a glass of wine or a pastry. It's an upscale non-wifi cafe, not a restaurant.

        It's not a terribly interesting list. Neighborhood places plus a couple of used to be hip spots and random tokenism.

        1. re: hyperbowler

          La Ciccia's not as underrated as it was for a long time, though it's still not as hard to get into as a lot of places that don't seem as deserving to me.

        2. meant to post last week after goign there - i think Saha should definitely be on this list - really delicious food (albeit slightly pricey) - wide variety of dishes, very creative, something for everyone....

          1. In addition to brunch, I've had lunch (never dinner) @ Mission Beach several times--quite good, definitely (per Eater) "farmers-market-driven"--but don't know that I'd go out of my way to eat there. And I've never cottoned to their baked goods, which many folks I know adore.

            1. I've never seen Lolo not packed, so how underrated can it be?