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Sep 25, 2013 07:08 AM

I need a Mechoui Caterer in the Eastern Townships?! Help!


I'm planning my wedding for Labor Day weekend next year ( Aug 30, 2014).
I will be hosting it in a beautiful barn in the Eastern Townships and need to book a caterer a.s.a.p!
We're hoping for BBQ style ( gourmet mac n' cheese, ribs, pulled pork etc) but could also do Mechoui style and are open to having the meals served family style.
We are expecting 120 people and would like to keep the budget to about 60$pp including wait staff and gratuities.(excl. alcohol). The barn is NOT fully equipped with kitchen appliances so they must be able to bring their own equipment.

If ANYONE has any recommendations it would be much appreciated!
We're also open to going for a more traditional meal service , as long as it remains within our budget.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Mechoui style and BBQ style are not the same. A pulled pork dinner comes from 11 hours of smoking and a Mechoui dinner comes from 11 hours of roasting. The two meats are quite different.
    If you are looking for pulled pork et al call a Food Truck specializing in smoked foods he can supply all the dishes above and come with all his equipment. If its Mechoui most hardware stores rent Mechoui roasters or look at a local community bulletin board for a complete service.
    Hope this helps.

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      Yes, I realize they are different... just open to both options ( I guess I should have written a better subject title haha). Thanks for the recommendations, I'll definitely look into it!


    2. I know Agnus Dei offers a mechoui option:

      1. Theres a caterer in St. Clotide de Chateauguay that regularly does weddings (>200 people) with a whole-hog option. They're called Buffet David, but that's all I got.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. hi! I think I am planning my wedding at the same barn. We contacted AJ's mobile caterer. Ask Neil Manson for the contact. They are great!

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              Hey! Yes, we are getting married at the same barn! Thanks for the tip but finally we found Zee's Grub that makes southern style smoked foods and come with their own 22 foot long smoker so we're all set ;)
              Have a beautiful wedding!!

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                Hi ashylee! I stumbled upon this post and am wondering how did the wedding go with zeegrub? How did your menu look like and mind giving an idea how much was it? We are planning our wedding this year and hoping for BBQ too. Really like the smoker idea!