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Sep 25, 2013 02:28 AM

Chow-ish food recs KC, MO

Coming down in 10 days for a conference with 6 other folks from work...looking for a couple of fun dinner options...mostly we will be taken around by vendors etc, but a few nights we will be on our own for food. We are staying at the downtown Marriot, but taxis are not out of the question.

One fellow traveller, speaks highly of Lydia's...whats the scoop up on the boards about this place?

Most importantly, this poster's birthday (as mid 40's as you can get!) will occur on this trip, so I think I will get a say in at least one dining choice, so fire away...

Looking for a lively joint, I love the "gastro-pub" trend....and figure good inovative pub food should appeal to most...but also love anything that qualifies as Chow-hound worthy...take me to the out of the way, non trendy spot that has great food! Love me a well made cocktail and a good whiskey selection too!

Also getting lots of rec's for bbq...what's the concensus here..? spot for jazz? for blues??

thanks in advance!

see you in KC

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  1. I like Lidia's a lot. Never had a bad meal there.

    Check out Rieger Hotel for great food, cool atmosphere. Also Manifesto for drinks.

    Is the Phoenix still around? Nice place for jazz.

    For blues, beer, and barbecue, hit BB's Lawnside BBQ.

    1. concur with all - bb's is awesome for beer, blues and bbq. the district pour house just opened but is getting good buzz - in waldo on wornall & almost 72nd. good cocktails, good food.

      another neat place - bier station also in waldo. gregory and rockhill - - highly recommend.

      lidia's is always a solid pick.

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      1. re: jdl98

        thanks mike and jdl! will look into these, hopefully will report back...

        how bout a good breakfast spot near the downtown marriot?

        1. re: fenway68

          Genessee Royale Bistro or Happy Gillis...Succotash (not as close). All awesome.

          1. re: jdl98

            is Gennesse Royal and Happy Gillis sister spots? Break'y menus awful simialr...just sayin'...

            either way, both sound awesome!

            1. re: fenway68

              nope, they're not. coincidence? OK Joe's is in a gas station - funky place. Jack Stack is more of a fine dining experience. I like both but for a nicer dinner would steer more towards Jack Stack. you will enjoy lidia's - chef swinney is a friend of mine. if you can do lunch bbq, i really like danny edwards.

        2. BBQ you MUST go to Oklahoma Joe's IMO. Also Jack Stack is very nice. More upscale BBQ with cocktails etc....

          1. LC's for BBQ. Happy hour at Bluestem.

            1. all great ideas!

              thanks again...

              friends who have been to tis conference before speak highly of BB's but they dont want to go out that far...they have been to Jack Stacks and report that that was great too...will look into oklahoma joes, what separates that one?

              some more reading to do on the other rec's!

              btw, we are doing Lydia's the first was decided for me!

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              1. re: fenway68

                There are some very good existing threads where you can read why different people like the different BBQ joints.

                I really like OK Joes, but, I don't go if there are people in my party that will have trouble standing in line for 20-30 minutes.

                Also, I prefer ribs that are not sauced, like at Brobecks.

                1. re: johnseberg

                  I think Brobeck's serves the best ribs in KC. Everything else there is excellent too. It's more of a drive from downtown than BB's is however.

                  I'm not a huge fan of Jack's Stack. Seems to be a place for folks unwilling to go to Bryant's or LC's. It's a nice, clean, sit down restaurant with servers and bartenders. It is not a barbecue joint.

                  LC's for burnt ends. Best ever. Can't go wrong with Okie Joe's either.

                  1. re: chileheadmike

                    When you say "unwilling to go" what would be the objection? Distance?

                    My "team" who have been to BB's and enjoyed, dont want to take the ride this trip (even with me the new-bee in tow)...

                    I love burnt ends!...Is that the bbq item to get in KC? or should I go for a mix plate-ribs etc? I read that each area of the country does barbeque differently, texas, NC, KC...I would like to experience what makes KC stand out...also what an "adventurous" thing to get that I wont likely find outside KC??

                    I Want a place where you can taste the smoke...up north we sometimes get cooked meat covered in sauce...(the equivalent of egg noodles and ketchup is to Spaghetti and Sauce)

                    1. re: fenway68

                      Based on my readings, here, I'd say burnt ends at LC's might be the closest thing to KC's signature BBQ.

                      Also, I think this wikipedia page is fairly accurate:

                      Sorry to be repetitive, but, this is a relatively low volume board, and most of the things posted about BBQ over the years are still true. I think reading the old posts will serve you well. Do a search for "burnt ends" and you'll find several good threads.

                      1. re: fenway68

                        "When you say "unwilling to go" what would be the objection? Distance?"

                        LC's and Bryant's are in some "not so great" neighborhoods. They're not the cleanest of restaurants. The decor is somewhat lacking. People, my wife included, don't really like these attributes. She much prefers the cleaner, nicer Jack's Stack. The barbecue isn't as good though.

                        1. re: fenway68

                          any of these places you will taste the smoke. and, yes, burnt ends is a KC thing for sure. i can totally throw a wrench into things and suggest Woodyard BBQ in Merriam, KS - - i kinda love that place. great outdoor seating under trees, just a lot of character. the "experience" at LC's is tough for me too - bars on the windows and no ambience. burnt ends? to die for.

                          1. re: jdl98

                            So glad you mentioned woodyard that will be our next time stop when we come back to your city.
                            We went to Oklahoma joe's had the compo plate's and while the rib's where fabulous I detected no smoke nor did I see a smoke ring in the chicken nor the brisket also fenway68 if you do go check to see on what day's theyre going to have the burnt ends they do not have them everyday,I think saturday but am not sure,so call.Good luck.