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Sep 25, 2013 02:01 AM

Some of NJ's best Sicilian pizza is now in Verona

Some people like their pizza light and crispy, other people enjoy a more traditional slice, but for me it's all about Sicilian pizza. Sadly, there aren't a lot of pizza places that do Sicilian pizza really well in NJ (that I've found), and none are near where I live. The ones I do like are La Sicilia in Belleville, Nonna's in Florham Park, Mr. Bruno's in Clifton and Mr. Bruno's in Lyndhurst (I think the two places have different owners, but both are good). Grandma style pizza is even harder to find.

Happily, the Mr. Bruno's in Lyndhurst just opened a branch today in Verona, on Bloomfield Ave. called Mr. Bruno’s Pizza & Beyond. Since it was their first day, I decided to take one for the team and stop in for a slice of that Sicilian I love. I'm happy to report, even on day one it was great. In fact all the pies they had out looked fantastic. They had maybe 15 different pies fresh from the oven, out on the counter, including the square Grandma and my favorite, their Sicilian, which is crunchy, with some color on the bottom, a really great sauce spotted with caramelized bits of what I think is Romano. 2 slices and a drink was about $5 and change. It took all my self control not to go back to try a Grandma slice too.

My only complaint is that the place is not really set up for dining in. With only 2 or thee regular tables and a bunch of bar style tall tables, It seems like they want you to have your slice and get out. That suits me fine, but they might want to rethink their layout if they really want dine-in business.

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  1. Verona already has the best pizza in the area at Frank Anthony's. Really good.


    The new Salugo down the block (owned by the same owners as Montclairs's Fin, Saluga) makes a pretty darn good pizza as well.


    I need to get to get to Mr. Bruno's soon, sounds good.

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      I haven't been to Frank Anthony's, but I was just at Salugo and the pizza was pretty awful. It was very salty and greasy, and it tasted as if it had been cooked, reheated and then reheated again. I wouldn't go back.

    2. creamfinger, You are right, i just left Mr. Bruno's and had the Sicilian pizza and it was excellent. Best thing about it , the style is different than Frank Anthony's so I now I can frequent both establishments and not feeling like I'm "cheating ' on FA's.

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        I'm glad you liked it. I'm heading to Frank Anthony's tomorrow to give their pizza a try.

      2. Isn't there a Mr. Bruno's in Saddle Brook too? That's the one we frequent. This is really great news since my mother lives in Caldwell.

        For a sicilian rec, have you ever had Al Santillo's in Elizabeth? It's without a doubt, to me, the best pizza on earth...both the rounds and the squares. Ask for the sicilian well done and he finishes it directly on the brick for that extra crunch. Dude is a true auteur.

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          I'm with you on Santillo's.....I've been to every noteable pizza place, or tomato pie, in the state.... and Santillo's is my favorite.

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            I know that the Mr. Bruno's in Verona is owned by the same people who own the Lyndhurst location, because it says so on the door. I know the Mr. Bruno's in Clifton is a different owner. As for any other Mr. Bruno's restaurants, I don't know how owns them.

            I've heard about Al Santillo's pizza, but unfortunately Elizabeth is a good hour from where I live so I haven't been there... yet.

          2. Mr. Bruno's in Lyndhurst is very good but I am not sure it is the same owners as the one in Saddle Brook. It might be but it has been a very long time since I tried it so I can't really remember if they were similar.

            Mario's in Maywood has a good Grandma pie.

            1. Mr. Bruno's in Lyndhurst is our Favorite! Their square pie is fantastic as are their 'red sauce' dinners. Our go to take out Italian!