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Sep 25, 2013 12:14 AM

Accidental Yogurt Starter

Hi Everyone, I have just recently been getting raw milk delivered to my home and I meant to get a starter and make it into yogurt... Although I think that I might have just made a yogurt starter myself?

I boiled the milk to half and hour and then let it sit out for half a day accidentally. THEN I put it in a bottle and put it in the fridge, but since I had so much milk being delivered (they were coming with 2 liters and I realized that I only needed one).. i forgot this bottle of milk. Then I rediscovered it and it had turned into what looked like yogurt, and tastes very much like that indian yogurt from india. I let it out into a bowl and let it sit over night.. It seems to become more solidified. Is this just bad milk or have I made a yogurt starter?

Can I make it more solid with red chili stems?


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  1. there are natural yeasts floating about in the air everywhere so it looks like some found your milk. it's the same process as making creme fraiche, so no, it's not bad milk. enjoy!

    whether there is enough live culture activity to start up another batch cannot be known at this point and i have no personal experience with using the chilis. you can drain the stuff through a cheesecloth to make it "thicker" though.