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Sep 24, 2013 08:52 PM

restaurant recomendation in tokyo

hi im new here , i will be going to tokyo around may . here are some of the restaurant i would like to go but i can only pick 2 from the list that i will most defiantly have time to go . and one time for lunch ( but i will bring 2 toddlers so need a place that are okay with kids ) .
here are my list :

ryujin ( not really sure about this one )

Quintessence ( i wish to come at lunch but i have to bring 2 kids, or should i go dinner where i can go alone?)

le chauteau joel robucon ( lunch/ dinner?)

tapas molecular bar

sushi mizutani

kondo tempura

nanachome kyobasi

sushi yoshitake

sawada sushi

or do you have other better suggestion would greatly welcome

if you have been to these restaurants would love to hear how your experiance is. i only have limited time there so i would like to have a meal that would be really worth the time to go there.

thank you so much for the help

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  1. On your list, for sushi, I will choose Sawada-San or Yoshitake-San, or switch Harutaka instead of Mizutani..

    1. Well pal, you'll definitely have to be defiant to do what you're trying to do. For your sake, and that of the other diners and the restaurant staff, I would *never* consider bringing a toddler (let alone two) to any of the restaurants on your list above.

      So you either find some expert babysitting or you sit this one out and aim lower. Much lower.