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best deal meal

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what is the best deal for a meal on oahu? find dining to hole in the wall, where's it at?

my nomination is liliha bakery's waffle. crispy adn affordable for around $3.

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  1. Cheese burger @ Liliha $5.40

    1. Anything from Liliha Bakery is hard to beat, love their mahi plate.

      I'll offer roast pork with choy sum over rice from Lagoon Chinese Restaurant, $7.

      Deluxe Japanese plate (sashimi, chicken, teri beef, shrimp tempura) from St. Louis Drive In, about $10.

      1. price increased to $4.81 including tax... still a good deal.

        they have a mahi and hamburger steak combo for $11 and change.

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          the mahi and hamburger steak were tiny, the plate was mostly rice and mac salad. not such a good edal after all.

          i still stand by the waffle, though.

        2. I've always thought the Magurokuzushi at Maguro-ya was one of the better deals around town. So fun, too. Used to be 16 bucks, may have crept up to 18 (i peeked at a menu the other day while passing by and and i think that was the newest price my brain cannot confirm). A set meal with salad, soup, tsukemono,edamame, chawanmushi, and ahi like 4 or 5 different ways... sashimi with a nice little sauce, katsu, quick fried with some bubu, grilled....its been awhile since i've had. maybe be another item or 2. Filling, sort of exciting, and a good deal (used to be a hell of a deal a few years ago, but thats quibbling over a couple dollars).

          1. hard to beat some of the deals upstairs at shirokiya

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            1. Now that I've tried it again, I would have to nominate Thelma's 4-choice plate lunch for $8.50 pt. for Thelma's Special (some of the best lechon kawali around), dinuguan (really flavorful, you can't taste the iron at all), pork adobo (or chicken adobo for the calorie conscious) and maybe the squid (though the guisantes are good too). A very large amount of very good food for a very low price.