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Sep 24, 2013 08:22 PM

best deal meal

what is the best deal for a meal on oahu? find dining to hole in the wall, where's it at?

my nomination is liliha bakery's waffle. crispy adn affordable for around $3.

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  1. Cheese burger @ Liliha $5.40

    1. Anything from Liliha Bakery is hard to beat, love their mahi plate.

      I'll offer roast pork with choy sum over rice from Lagoon Chinese Restaurant, $7.

      Deluxe Japanese plate (sashimi, chicken, teri beef, shrimp tempura) from St. Louis Drive In, about $10.

      1. price increased to $4.81 including tax... still a good deal.

        they have a mahi and hamburger steak combo for $11 and change.

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          the mahi and hamburger steak were tiny, the plate was mostly rice and mac salad. not such a good edal after all.

          i still stand by the waffle, though.

        2. I've always thought the Magurokuzushi at Maguro-ya was one of the better deals around town. So fun, too. Used to be 16 bucks, may have crept up to 18 (i peeked at a menu the other day while passing by and and i think that was the newest price my brain cannot confirm). A set meal with salad, soup, tsukemono,edamame, chawanmushi, and ahi like 4 or 5 different ways... sashimi with a nice little sauce, katsu, quick fried with some bubu, grilled....its been awhile since i've had. maybe be another item or 2. Filling, sort of exciting, and a good deal (used to be a hell of a deal a few years ago, but thats quibbling over a couple dollars).

          1. hard to beat some of the deals upstairs at shirokiya

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