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Sep 24, 2013 07:51 PM

taillevent or le grand vefour

will be going to Paris 11/2-11/7
we picked guy savoy for our one spectacular dinner.
(thank you john talbott!)
reserved for lunch at taillevent but someone is trying to convince me that le grand vefour is the better choice.
thanks in advance...

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  1. Really, well you're welcome but my last meals at your other two are too far back to be relevant (110 Taillevent is a recent as I get). But I can't resist saying that I think the decor/setting/location at/of the Grand Vefour gives it a leg up although the wine list at Taillevent is back-breakingly impressive.

    1. I was just at both last week. Le Grand Vefour for lunch, and Taillevent for dinner.

      LGV is a much more "authentic" classic French experience. The setting is quite incredible (it's been there for a few hundred years), and the food was really quite good.

      Taillevent was good, but not great. It's a much more modern setting (which isn't bad in itself). I didn't love my duck entree, but the chocolate soufle was pretty amazing.

      Let me throw in one more option you should certainly consider- L'Epicure in the Bristol Hotel. The room is stunning, the service damn near perfect, and the food was good.

      All 3 are priced pretty close to each other. They are all absurdly expensive for what you are getting (in my opinion).

      Wherever you go, enjoy!

      1. While the dear Dr Talbott is being quite careful about your two choices and LGV is indeed a wonderful room, just gorgeous, were l to make your choice, l would hit Le Cinq for that intended lunch.
        See for my recent visit there.

        1. We've been to LGV for their prix-lunch numerous times; we love the room, the setting on the Palais Royal and the service but we've found the food to be uneven. While a lunch couple years ago was very good, the food for our lunch this April was mediocre. Our entrees: foie gras with watermelon was fine but the pressed sea bass was too cold and tasteless (the accompanied pickled vegetables were excellent); the main plates: the monkfish had a mushy texture and the cod with asparagus had absolutely no salt. The cheese course and desserts were the high point of the lunch. No longer a cart but large selection of cheeses on trays in excellent condition including a soft runny goat, a pungent Muenster, a 36 month Comte and two beautiful blues, Fourme d.Ambert and Roquefort. The desserts, strawberries with rhubarb and variations on pineapple were light and refreshing.
          We have never been to Taillevent for their prix-fixed lunch, therefore, can't compare.

          1. It's been quite a while since I enjoyed the prix fixe lunch at Taillevent, but only great memories remain of the delicious food, the solicitous service and all the sweet little extras they tacked onto our meal. I've never been to LGV, but nothing in the 20+ years I've been traveling in France has enticed me enough to book it.

            OTOH, I would echo DCM that Le Cinq would be my choice for that special lunch you're proposing.