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Sep 24, 2013 07:01 PM

More from the FOMO food blogger, Marseilles & Aix en Provence area

I previously posted here asking for recommendations in Paris. I'm fairly satisfied with my choices, although I will never be fully satisfied. Can I get input on my choices for Aix en Provence and neighboring towns.
Dinner in Marseilles- Les Fenetres, Cafe Des Epices, or Chez Fonfon
Dinner in Aix en Provence- Mitch
Diner in St. Remy- Chateau des Apilles
Lunch in Avignon- Hiely-Lucullus

we tend to like modern cuisine but also want to experience local flavor. My husband does not eat any meat or shellfish.
Comments and suggestions most welcome!

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  1. The Chateau des Alpilles in St Remy is often open only to hotel guests, unless there is room. Dinner is likely to be full of hotel guests.
    Perhaps you mean the Bistro des Alpilles? Not a good choice exxcept for the coupe de Champagne.

    I spend months in St Remy each year; many of us enjoy L'Aile ou la Cuisse this year. It is on the rue Commune, right in the center of town. It is right across the street from Calanquet where you can taste some great olive oils. Calanquet has a mill outside of town, but one doesn't always have time to get there.

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      my reservation is at the hotel. I had friends stay there a few months ago and said I must dine there. Other suggestions are welcome. I will look at L'Aile ou la Cuisse as an option.

    2. Where will you be staying? I would highly recommend la Table de Ventabren (in Ventabren), where we had a great meal in a lovely setting in August. As for Aix, have never been to Mitch, but had 1 lunch & 1 dinner at le Formal this past summer, both of which we really enjoyed. In Marseille, I'd choose Chez Fonfon over the others, partly for their delicious rouille & partly for an excuse to go to the Vallon des Auffes. Order the bouillabaisse, which is served in 2 parts - you won't need a first course. (Note: parking near the Vallon is next to impossible, unless you are very lucky. Instead go to Parking du Pharo, & then walk along the coast to the Vallon des Auffes.)

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        we are staying in Aix en Provence. I now have resevations at Mitch and also made one at Chez Fonfon as well. I am not sure about Chateau des Apilles but my friends raved about it so for now I am sticking with it.