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Help! Brunch Buffet with Oysters in Brooklyn or Queens?

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well, my google-fu is burnt. I can't find a thing. is there a decent brunch buffet in Brooklyn or Queens that has oysters on it? I want to organize a surprise party for my mom and it's her favorite thing. Surely there's got to be someplace??? thanks!!

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  1. This is not what you want exactly but there is a place with clams on the half shell. The Fort Hamilton army base in Bay Ridge has a brunch every Sunday. We have our family reunion there every spring. A more interesting setting would be hard to find. It is in a historic fort with beautiful views.

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      a lovely idea but I'm still holding out hope on the oysters. I'll keep this as a backup!

    2. This is a bit of a schlep, but Winfield's in Greenwich has a fabulous brunch:


      I called and they said that raw oysters are indeed served as part of the brunch buffet.

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        this is totally what I'm looking for, but geographically it's going to be tough. though I may get desperate enough to try it!! I feel like there *has* to be something on long island. right?

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          You'd think so! There might be other hotels closer to you that do something like that, but I know of none offhand.

          It is such a gorgeous space and we've always found something to enjoy there. If you do go, request for your party to be seated in the atrium rather than the side rooms.

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            Thanks for the tip!