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Sep 24, 2013 06:50 PM

What is the least noisy fancy ATL restaurant?

I'm looking to host about 10 people at a relatively quiet restaurant ideally near Georgia Tech. The place doesn't have to be super fancy, but something along the lines of Empire State South or Top FLR.

The main guest's only real preference is that it not be so noisy that we can't hear each other speak.

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  1. McKinnon's Louisianne is quiet, but a ways from GA Tech, up in Buckhead.

    1. Miller Union was a recommendation from a friend. I haven't been myself.

      1. I live near GA Tech. Miller Union or JCT Kitchen might fit the bill. The obvious upscale choice for a sedate dining atmosphere near GA Tech would be Bacchanalia, though hosting 10 people could get pricey. The Spence is nice but might have a higher noise level. In reality, I don't know many places where it's SO noisy that diners can't hear each other speak. Now, if you're looking for a private room where it would be quiet enough for a serious business lunch or dinner, that's a different question.

        1. JCT is very, very noisy. It's a little further north but, Restaurant Eugene is both upscale and quiet.

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            I guess I haven't been to JCT often enough to judge. I don't recall it being noisy, but then again, I haven't been there with 10 guests trying to have a conversation.

            Sure, once you eliminate the requirement of it being near GA Tech, places like Restaurant Eugene certainly fit the bill. I figured since the OP was already aware of Empire State South and Top FLR he was implying these are too far from GA Tech to meet his requirements.