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Sep 24, 2013 06:32 PM

Toddler-Friendly in Asheville?

Uh-oh. We turned into "those people". We have taken an annual hike-and-eat trip to Asheville every year (including the year we did it to get hitched). Now we have a 13-month old in tow. Where should we go to eat? The only one of our old haunts that seems remotely kid friendly is Laughing Seed for Sunday brunch. We'll be there for Saturday night through Sunday lunch. Want great food, but also want to not be the a-holes who drag a little kid somewhere where everybody's meal gets ruined. Thanks!!!

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  1. Homegrown on Merrimon is very toddler friendly

    1. Tupelo Honey, Pack's Tavern and Mellow Mushroom come to mind as far as being kid friendly, in my mind. Tupelo will give you the best food experience of those 3. Maybe the Admiral if you go very early. I'm sure others will chime in with more suggestions.

      1. what about the Junction? If the weather is good you could sit outside. (Inside, it might be a little bit tight quarters, though) i don't have kids, but I figure if you can have a dog outside, you should be able to have a toddler ;-)

        1. I see a lot of kids (and dogs) outside at Ben's Tune Up, weather permitting, of course. But I would bring food for the toddler as Ben's doesn't offer a kid's menu.

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            Have you been since Elliott left? what are they serving now?

            1. re: danna

              I have, but it's been a few weeks. The menu seemed mostly unchanged except there were fewer small plates. The yakatori, ramen, and Katsu Don entrees are still there, though.