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Sep 24, 2013 06:08 PM

You don't win friends with salad!

Let's talk entree salads. I like the Allandale at Cover 3 and steak salad at Central Market cafe. What's your favorite in Austin?

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  1. Agree - Salads don't get enough respect!

    My opinion = it takes a LOT more time, effort, and planning to make a great
    - salad
    - sandwich
    than a great steak, chicken, veggie, and certainly fish dinner.

    North used to serve an asparagus and burrata salad with an arugula pesto that was incredible.

    First salad that comes to mind that I'm fond of is Bartletts (formerly Houston's). They serve a house salad that includes eggs and bacon. Pair that with their house-made dressings and an appetizer and you have more than a full meal.

    But you did say Entree salads...
    Cover 2's Allendale and Chopped chicken salad are delicious. Their Beef tenderloin salad would be good without the "Asian BBQ sauce" that is way too sweet.

    1. I'm pretty fond of the crab louie and the Austin Hippie salads at Trio for lunch, and what a great spot to eat a salad outside. The Hippie lacks meat (though you could certainly have them add what you wanted $$$), but is certainly large enough to be an entree - Spinach, Boston Bibb, Chickpeas, Currants, Candied Pecans, Cheese Croƻtons, Shallots, Avocado, Smoked Onion Vinaigrette. Might as well get the iced tea with tea ice cubes (completely unnecessary but fun)

      Bartlett's fried chicken salad is excellent, but she gets that - I get the french dip.

      1. I like the sirloin salad at Texas Land and Cattle and the Cobb at Central Market. I used to like the salad samplers at Annie's, but IMHO they have declined markedly in quality. A cook who doesn't fine mince their minced onions is showing they just do not care.

        1. A more general salad discussion was here not long ago...