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Sep 24, 2013 05:47 PM

What's for Dinner #246 - It's Officially Fall Edition [through Sept 30, 2013]

The first few leaves have wafted down on our lawn, signaling that the season has changed. Not only has the calendar changed, but also the way I've been thinking about cooking. Last night soup seemed right, and tonight I grilled some chicken thighs on the grill pan instead of outside.

What's cooking where you are?

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  1. Tonight it was some really nice sirloin pork chops coated in condensed tomato soup then topped with sliced bell peppers and onions & baked... Mac & cheese and last night's leftover green & yellow wax beans rounded out the plate.

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      1. It was the rest of my leftovers tonight, and I'm already thinking about what to make tomorrow night. I believe it'll be something with chicken and mushrooms.

        1. Tonight was kinda a "summer winter bridge" style dinner.

          The salad was vegetables and fruit ( cucumber, grape, tomato, orange, baby bell peppers) in iceberg lettuce bowls with spicy tomato-tahini dressing ( old Skool, hippie style in the vitamix) topped with sunflower seeds and chia..... An antioxidant blast!

          Served with a kielbasa sausage and bean bake. I bought some fabulous kielbasa from my Eastern European store, mixed it with white bean, spinach, onion, tomato in chicken broth. Baked until melded together. Really nice. Chilled white wine and we are happy campers :)

          1. Last night was apple cider and cinnamon brined pork chops, pan roasted with garlic and a splash of IPA, topped with sliced apple sauteed in butter with a bit of the pork pan juices while the chops rested.

            Served on top of buttermilk smashed potatoes with chives and roasted delicata squash. I've made roasted root veggie mashes a bunch, but this time just stirred the cubed delicata into the potatoes at the last minute---was really nice to get the occasional hit of sweet caramelized squash, and it made a pretty dish, too, with the gold chunks and green flecks everywhere. Side of spinach simply sauteed with garlic and olive oil and freshly ground sesame seeds.

            Tonight I'm busted from way too much yard work. GF is bringing something home, I think, though as long as it involves a cocktail I'm good.

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              Your description makes me salivate, as usual. Are you a writer for a living?

              1. re: ChristinaMason

                Thanks, Christina. We are definitely peas of a pod, foodwise. Your dinners so often sound like something I'd really enjoy making and (more importantly) eating.

                Mostly an editor.