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Great baguettes, croissant in the Loop?

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Very fast trip to Chicago (~40 hours) and we usually need good pastries and bread in the morning. Our hotel is located at 10 S. Wabash - any recommendations within 1/2 mile walk?

If not, perhaps a good pancake place?


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  1. P.S. I should have mentioned that good to us does not mean 'La Petite Boulangerie' or similar chains.

    1. I like Toni Patisserie

      1. Intelligentsia Coffee has a decent pastry selection, IIRC.

        Also if you like doughnuts, you're right by Do-Right Donuts.

        1. For pancakes, there is a location of the local Bongo Room on S. Wabash, but it is about a mile south of where you are staying.

          1. Closest pancakes are probably at Wildberry Café, http://wildberrycafe.com/chicago, which is on the north side of Millenium Park (Randolph & Michigan Aves., about 5 blocks from 10 S Wabash). I've never eaten there but I believe that it is generally considered pretty good.

            1. Trip report: we found we needed heartier breakfasts and ended up at Yolk on both days. One of my meals, a delicious egg white scramble with potatoes and fruit, was great, while the next day's meal, challah French toast, was so-so (I like a firmer, more favorable French toast). My son enjoyed his pancakes and eggs on both days, although he did not care for the imitation maple syrup. Yolk is a bustling restaurant with plentiful, good-enough food and attentive servers - a good choice in the Loop given the paucity of breakfast places.