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Sep 24, 2013 04:12 PM

financial district sushi? [San Francisco]

Staying at the Westin on market street. Are there any recommendations for sushi within walking distance (15 min walk or less)


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    1. re: shellshock24

      I think this demonstrates that Bauer is largely unfamiliar with sushi.

      1. re: Tripeler

        i'm pretty sure bauer is largely unfamiliar with almost all chinese and japanese food.

        but i had a very good experience at akiko's. have you been? do you have a dissenting opinion?

        1. re: Tripeler

          I really enjoyed my experience at Akiko. Any alternate restaurants walking distance from the Westin?

        2. re: shellshock24

          Could be mobbed for a couple of weeks as a result of the review.

        3. Haven't been in a while but I've always enjoyed Ryoko's on Taylor/Post for sushi in a basement "den". Sushi bar is best. Fish from Japan.

          1. A long walk from the Westin (half an hour or so) but went to Roka Akor the other day. I would absolutely pick Roka Akor over Ozumo the current vibe-y Japanese restaurant near the financial district. Food is tastier, a good balance of seafood and meat options. Sushi at Roka Akor isn't equivalent in quality to the fish in LA but it's better than a lot of the fish served in SF.

            Don't go for the signature tasting menu unless you really want to try the little bites - the rest is just a combination of items from the menu.

            Cocktails were good as was the wine/sake list. Service was friendly and pretty knowledgeable - though cocktails took a marked long time to get to the table.

            Atmosphere is not SF at all. Very Orange County/Vegas. Not particularly my scene but with the dearth of decent sushi options I may come again. I was very content with my meal.

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            1. re: goldangl95

              >> I would absolutely pick Roka Akor over Ozumo

              I'm really not sure this is saying much. I do like Ozumo for lunch, though.

              1. re: Dustin_E

                Yes it's damning with faint praise in a way. But I think some people do like that kind of circa 2000 scene-y Vegas/OC vibe and if so, it's a way better option than Ozumo at least on the food/cocktail front.

              2. re: goldangl95

                "a good balance of seafood and meat options."...we went recently & I'd say skip the meat options. Lamb chops were disappointing- greasy with heavy spice/flavoring. DH ordered feeling seafood portion may not be substantial...ultimately, we could have skipped it.

                1. re: ceekskat

                  good to know about the lamb. Their Japanese A5 wagyu is excellent though, if you're splurging (skip the Australian wagyu, not worth the $ imo)

                  1. re: barleywino

                    Agreed to know about the lamb. It's been a bit now but we had various beef & pork items, and they were crowd favorites and tasty (not particularly subtle or innovative).

              3. Yes, Roka Akor is delish! On the pricy side, but very quality