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Sep 24, 2013 03:47 PM

Midfield vs Archive

I'm not much of a drinker, but am meeting a friend for drinks next week, so need to find somewhere. Both of these wine bars are near me.. any recommendations? Want somewhere not too loud so we can talk..

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  1. Archive for me.
    The couple of times I've visited Midfield over the summer had been lackluster. The selection was limited and underwhelming (despite having heard so many great things about the sommelier - he wasn't present when we visited).
    The only edge Midfield has over Archivce is the patio- which, it seems, might not be a factor given the early cold temp.

    Archive could get noisy later at tonight, esp on weekends ( the carry over of crowd waiting for tables at Hoof). I love their rotating wine selection and ambience- despite the the less than comfortable hard chairs. 

    Are you looking for nibbles too? 
    Best wine repertoire in the hood is Enoteca Sociale- but it gets loud.
    If you are into Italian Campagnolo has a great selection and house-cured/smoked meats to go down with.
    Archive is great just for wine sipping and conversation. 

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      Just a drink.. I do love Enoteca. Glad to hear Archive is good.. it's closer to my house!

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        Thanks again for the tip Happycamper... had a great time. They had a smoky cider that was wonderful... I love cider but it can be hard to find..