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Sep 24, 2013 02:17 PM

Nice sit down Dumpling place

Hi all

I am looking for a casual dumpling place in Mtl or Laval (outside of Chinatown) that is good to go on a friday or saturday night with a group of people. I loved Ping Pong in Europe/Middle East and i'm looking for this sort of vibe.. not the hole in the wall type places although they offer great dumplings


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      1. re: Siumaieater

        Mei, while delicious is a hole in the wall.

        White Formica tables, plastic chairs, plasticized menu and tables cleaned just before you sit down.Although the swings in the back are almost as awesome as their dumplings.

        1. re: EaterBob

          This is all true. Tough to eat at the swings though...

          1. re: EaterBob

            If Mei is a hole in the wall what's Qinghua? lol

        2. Mai Xiang Yuan in Chinatown is nice but may be too cozy small for groups.

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          1. re: chilipepper

            The OP said no Chinatown. But I'll add anyway that Qing Hua in Chinatown is quite presentable also. Even more so than Mai Xiang Yuan.

            1. re: chilipepper

              Whoops nevermind -overlooked the Chinatown part. Though I like the dumplings at Mai Xiang Yuan better than Qing Hua. But there's always Qing Hua on Lincoln.

            2. Thanks for all the recommendations... I am curious to try Dumplings Etc in Kirkland.. anyone tried it? thoughts?

              Also did anyone notice that Qing Hua is opening a new location on Ste Catherine? not sure if it's open yet ...

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              1. re: zeim1

                Work colleagues have said that the dumplings are reaaly good but no comparables were given. Since it is just over the 40 & close to my workplace, I'll check it out this week & comment.

                1. re: zeim1

                  I recently tried Dumpligs Etc.

                  For starters the establishment is very clean (always a plus). The chicken dumpling soup (Royal Dumpling Soup) was very good with a nice taste of five spice.

                  Not a huge selection of dumplings, only 8.

                  We tried the pork/ginger/mushroom (steamed) and the chicken/dill (fried).

                  The verdict;

                  -Too expensive, $13 & $14 for only 12 dumplings as opposed to the usual 15 for $8-$10.

                  -Filling was good but lacked juice, no need to worry about squirting your dining companion which takes all the fun out of having dumplings.

                  Dough was not up to par when comparing it to the usual downtown suspects, a bit too thick and very reminiscent of store bought frozen dumplings.

                  I was told the dumplings were made in house, no evidence of ladies rolling them up though like Quing Hua or Mai Xiang Yuan.

                  If you are in the area and don't feel like driving downtown it will do. Decent for WI standards and a welcome addition since there's no other dumpling place in the area.

                2. Not a big selection of dumplings but quite good. You can find them at 5258 boul. St Laurent.

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                  1. re: finefoodie55

                    I'm guessing you're talking about Soy?

                    Can you make a meal out of their dumplings?

                    1. re: SnackHappy

                      Would have helped if I included the name of the Restaurant. Yes SN it's Soy. I go there for lunch and have a nice dumpling
                      lunch Dinner you might want to add another dish.