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Sep 24, 2013 02:09 PM

Rio - Ipanema - Alessandro & Frederico

We had lunch at the first one on the list. It's on a side street going towards the lagoa. Handsome, spare, contemporary space with indoor and outdoor seating. Our server was knowledgeable and very nice with good English.

We started with a beef carpaccio that was lovely. As you can tell hopefully from the picture, it was thin and beautiful. With, I believe, grana padano and a nice little mound of greens. We followed with the "tuna steak" which was probably ahi though the menu didn't elaborate, coated with white and black sesame seeds. The picture shows HALF the portion. Bob had the other. It was R$57 but with the current good exchange rate that was about US$25 which is great for a huge portion that fed two with a piece of tuna and a decent amount of risotto left over. So good. I highly recommend this place.

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