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Sep 24, 2013 12:37 PM

Menton vs. L'Espalier

Hi all -

I know this convo has been had but I'm wondering if I could get a bit more input. I'm trying to plan a celebratory dinner and am debating between Menton and L'Espalier ... Is there a clear preference for one, or are most people very happy with both? One thing to note is neither of us cared much for Bondir.

Also, from what I can see online, it looks like the Chef's tasting is $155 at Menton, and $205 at L'Espalier -- I was always under the impression that Menton was much more expensive.

Any input / suggestions would be great.

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  1. I have had the Chef's Tasting 8 or 9 times at L'Espalier and it really has always been an awesome experience every time. I have been to Menton a couple of times and I only did their Chef's Tasting on one occasion. I found the L'Espalier tasting to be a bit more inventive and use more elegant ingredients (more foie gras, caviar and truffles) as well as a couple more courses. Also, If you add the supplemental courses that are offered at Menton that would normally be included in L'Espalier's tasting the difference in price would probably be around the same.

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      I agree with everything pcar said, particularly about price. There are a lot of supplements at Menton.

      Even in the new space I prefer the room and atmosphere at L'Espalier to Menton. I find the room at Menton to be fairly cold in personality.

      The service at Menton is precise and the most professional I have seen in Boston.

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        Count me in with the L'Espalier vote. I don't care for the room at Menton for starters: it feels cold and corporate rather than inviting and even though L'Espalier lost some of its warmth and elegance when it moved to the new space, it still beats Menton for atmosphere. I found service at both very good, but Menton felt less personal to me. And most important, I preferred my indulgent meals at L'Espalier and felt the food was generous, creative, and deserving of my attention. I do know that Menton has a new head chef and I will be curious to try it again but based on past experience I give the nod to L'Espalier without hesitation.

    2. Two recent (last yr or so) visitors (unrelated) posted about their high level dining ventures here and the extraordinary experience ("our favorite....") at the Chef's Table at l'Esp. That really impressed me.

      1. I haven't tried Menton but I've had the tasting menu several times at L'Espalier and it never fails to be superb. I would highly recommend it.

        1. Thank you all!! I have a reservation at L'Espalier!!

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