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Sep 24, 2013 12:36 PM

1760 Restaurant in San Francisco

A couple passing mentions of the place, but no reports yet for this more casual spin-off of Acquerello. Who's tried it?

1760 Restaurant
1760 Polk St
San Francisco, CA 94109
Dinner daily

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  1. That menu looks outstanding! I'll look forward to hearing more. I did have to chuckle when reading the interview. When did Polk St. become Nob Hill??? :) Thanks, M.

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    1. re: c oliver

      You could get that idea from Google Maps if you didn't know the topography. 1760 is slightly closer to the Nob Hill label than the Polk Gulch one.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        That's true re Polk Gulch. Topography can be a killer in SF, can't it? :)

        1. re: c oliver

          no one ever says polk gulch anymore, except in guide books. there's nob hill, russian hill, and "polk street"

            1. re: c oliver

              like i said - various neighborhood guidebooks. even the first result is a redirection to polk street from polk gulch

              1. re: vulber

                BA HA HA HA HA

                It is so true. As far as the people who live here and right off Polk street are concerned, there is no Polk Gulch.

                Anyhow, I am very excited to try this place. Just giving it some time to work out the kinks. I live in the area and I am very excited about how many places are changing, hopefully for the better. There is a lack of quality food in that area, and when there is quality, you often have to deal with the clientele that can be not so enjoyable.

                I'm also looking forward to Taps, and the new place from the guys at haven, and it was just announced that Red Devil is changing

            2. re: vulber

              I was just reading it off the Google map.

              I always say "Polk Street" myself, but Google finds a hundred references in the past month. Real estate listings, Curbed, Eater, CBS, Bay Area Reporter, Bold Italic, Polk Street Gazette, etc.

      2. Ooh, open till 11 including Sundays and Mondays. I hope that lasts.

        1. The food is very good. New American aka fairly modern like Outerlands with some very good pasta (No surprise)

          Ravioli and Duck are must gets..

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          1. re: Foodnut8

            Mmm, thanks for the nod! As usual, you're one of the first to try a new spot.

            How's the noise level? There was an earlier question about the hard surfaces.

          2. went a couple weeks ago during a weekday. tables are reservations only and were fully booked. walk in seating available at the bar and the communal table by the window in the front of the restaurant. waited about 20 minutes for a seat for two at the communal table. have a feeling this wait will only be getting longer as time passes.

            we had the lobster ceviche with caramelized coconut, pineapple & coriander; roasted peach and arugula salad; uni bucatini; pork cheek cavatelli; and a dessert which is slipping my mind right now (clearly not as memorable as the savory!). small cube of pressed honeydew was served as amuse bouche.

            lobster, although precious in size and presentation, was a great combination of flavors. salad was good but not special (although roasted peaches were delightful at peak of season). highlights for me were the pastas. bucatini had a wonderful toothsome feel, brininess of uni was perfectly complemented by just the right amount of heat. i would order this dish again and again. the cavatelli was also very good, perfectly al dente, flavors while very well executed with small cubes of tender pork cheek was a bit more mainstream. i felt both dishes were better than anything i had at acquerello (but i may be in the minority here).

            service was friendly and quite efficient for first full opening week. saw the duck sandwich was quite popular...on my must try list for next time.

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            1. re: huckleberry

              Thanks for giving us a first look. Here's the photo of the uni bucatini . . . yes, I want that, please.

              Interesting that the tables are reservations only. From this statement in the biz journal interview, would have expected more set aside for walk-ins.

              "That’s the goal with 1760 — it’s one you can go to on a Wednesday night. You’re there for an hour, you eat and you leave. I think that’s how people want to eat right now. Quick, delicious, well-prepared and thoughtful food, where it doesn’t have to be such an event to eat out."

            2. I stopped by on my way home from work this evening. This is exactly what Nob Hill (or, err, Polk St.) was missing: a casual place with good food, great cocktails, and the option of bar or table service.

              I liked the fact that I was given an amuse bouche even when sitting at the bar. I didn't catch all of the details, but there was compressed cucumber, and some more pungent vegetables as well. A really nice touch for a more casual restaurant.

              I had two of their drinks: the garam masala-cardamom and the basil-mezcal sour. The GMC was outstanding. It reminded me of the aromas you take in while hiking in the peninsula and south bay (that's a good thing), and it was very well balanced. The BMS was pretty good, but maybe a bit too in-your-face. I wish there was a bit more variety to the cocktail menu, but all of the drinks look good and like they're designed to work well with food.

              To eat, I had the shishito peppers and the cavatelli. The peppers were a good appetizer, roasted and topped with nuts and olives. A very good savory appetizer. The cavatelli was ... I just wish I'd had a bit more. You definitely got the vinegar the pork cheek was braised in. It was bright and assertive, and went well with the rustic tomato sauce.

              Definitely worth stopping by if you're anywhere close to Nob Hill.