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Sep 24, 2013 12:18 PM

Rome/Florence - Thoughts?

Will be in Rome and Florence in early October. Desperately afraid of wasting valuable meals as less than spectacular restaurants. Fearful my current list will be too meat/pasta heavy and that we will get bored. Any help would be greatly appreciated:

Wednesday October 9-
Lunch: Thoughts?
9:00 Dinner Roscioli

Thursday October 10
12:00: Pizzarium
9:00 p.m. Convivio Troiani at 9pm

Friday October 11
Lunch: Al Moro
Dinner: Felice a Testaccio a (or Cesare???);

Saturday October 12
Lunch: Nerbone
Dinner: Restaurant Sostanza

Sunday October 13 (last night in Italy want something upscale)
Lunch: 'Ino or Mario
Dinner: Giostra (too touristy?) Cibreo?

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  1. What will you be doing on Wednesday, and where? That would determine where to go for lunch.

    Friday: I'm not a huge fan of Felice, and would prefer Cesare, Flavio or Perilli for dinner. But if you do that, I would try to plan a lighter lunch.

    Sunday Florence: I'm not a fan of either Giostra (yes touristy and mediocre) or Cibrea (overpriced and boring)

    Hope this helps narrow things down!

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    1. re: minchilli

      Thanks so much. You are a real expert! If you could have one high end meal in Florence to end a trip - where would it be?

      As for lunch on Wednesday. We are going to be visit the Villa Borghese at 4.

    2. Hi Mario in Florence is a lunch only place and closed on Sundays

      there have been several threads about Sunday restaurants in Florence - if you use the search and expand the date range you will find them.

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      1. mario's is closed on Sunday as is Cibreo!

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        1. re: Diva

          Thanks Mario. Thinking dinner at Osteria Personale or Il Santo Bevitore and switching Sostanza to Sunday as they seem to be closed on Sunday as well.

          1. re: akopald

            Did you choose Osteria Personale or Il Santo Bevitore? I myself am trying to decide which one to choose for dinner... Any feedback? Thanks!

            1. re: jessicablock

              Il Santo Bevitore. OP was closed on Sunday. It was good but not great. Charming room, very good pastas, mediocre entrees and what some other CHs said about letting in gypsies to sell you flowers is true - and so odd/rude.

              Restaurant Sostanza was the highlight of Florence. Some of the boards said it was touristy but we were the only non-Italians. You sit at communal tables so we chatted with a young Italian couple on a date. The steak was very good and their famous butter chicken was out of this world.

              Also make a point to stop at 'Ino, the sandwich shop. All locals. Horrible waits but high end meats and creative choices. Hope this helps!

              1. re: akopald

                Wow interesting about Santo Bevitore since it came so highly recommended in CH and on various Florence apps. We're definitely going to Sostanza for our other dinner so great to hear you enjoyed the meal so much. Thanks!

                1. re: akopald

                  Great to know what you liked at Sostanza. Was wondering whether I should get the steak or the butter chicken, there're only two of us. Now I know the chicken is the way to go!

          2. For Rome, a good list, though I've never eaten at Pizzarium.

            Alas, at Roscioli I had bad service and my reservation was not recognized. The atmosphere could have been better. Food was fine.

            I had a splendid and wonderful dinner ("lunch" to you Yankees) at Felice on Sunday, 07 April 13. I pray that I can post a review soon. As for the waiter Alessio.

            Il Convivio is my favorite restaurant in Rome, however expensive it might be. For the last five years I have had the practice of first asking for the wine list and for the superior wine steward and part owner, Massimo Troiani. I ask him to recomend a particular wine from a particular kind (Amarone, Barolo, etc). Then and only then do I ask him to choose items from the menu that go with the wine, -- rather than first choosing food and then a wine. Massimo has always chosen well. He really knows his trade. I recommend the same procedure for you.

            And I pray also that I'll have a review of Il Convivio soon.

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            1. re: sidcundiff

              Thanks Sidcundiff. I have been told by many friends that Convivio was one of the best meals of their life.

            2. We're facing a similar trip in the middle of October, and it turns out that we'll be in Florence Fri-Sat-Sun and then in Rome at the end of the next week, Thurs-Fri-Sat. I feel like I need a spreadsheet for keeping track of what's open which days, etc.

              Is Sostanza open for dinner on Saturdays? That would be a game-changer for us, since I'd love to go but if our only option is for our first night, Friday, I'm afraid that it will be too much after the long flight and tiring first day.

              One of my big problems is actually information overload: it's hard to find universally good reviews and some of the negative feedback on TripAdvisor and SlowTrav has me spooked.....

              On the short list for Florence are: Giorgio, Il Due G, Garga, Giovanni, Sostanze, Il Santo Bevitore and Cammillo (sentimental fave from my first trip to Florence eight years ago)>

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              1. re: milgreen2

                you know the old garga is closed--- dad died-- his son alessandro now has a new place, the Cucina del Garga-- on via san zanobi---



                1. re: Diva

                  Yes, that's the one I meant. Just got a good review from a friend who travels to Florence regularly (she imports accessories and some household items from a few artisans there), and I trust her taste. She also gave me the recco for di Giovanni and Buca dell'Orafo, along with a few wines bars.