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Sep 24, 2013 11:55 AM

Need good Chinese restaurant for wedding rehearsal dinner 25-30 people

We're looking for a good Chinese restaurant in Manhattan, preferably with a private room to host a wedding rehearsal dinner for around 25-30 people. I've been considering Shun Lee and Wu Liang Ye - the former is pricy and the latter doesn't have a private room. Any other suggestions out there? Thanks so much!

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  1. If you are looking for a midtown location, Peking duck house in midtown has a private room in the back.
    Also consider Obao, which is Viet/Thai on the same street. One of my friends had a wedding rehearsal there in their backroom and it was wonderful. Food is delicious as well as it's one of my favorite lunch spots. They have a small outdoor terrace in the back you can use in the winter months too.
    There is also restaurant called Lychee house. Call to see if they have a private room.

    Then there is new Chinese tea house. Very good food and really clean with great service. Also ask to see if they have a private room as it was a large restaurant.

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      Thank you! I'll definitely look into those.

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        i've gone to many parties at Peking Duck house midtown.Some have had 100 people with many folks from all over the world. Everyone loved the place , the service and the food. The Peking Duck dish I recommend

      2. I have throw similar parties at Mr. Kays, midtown on Lexington. They have a number of private rooms. Service is very good, they are professionals and the GM is on the ball in regard to parties and the like. Good luck.

        1. Hi, I was wondering which restaurant you chose in the end as I am also looking for a chinese restaurant for a rehearsal dinner.
          Many thanks!

          1. Congee Village has private rooms.