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Sep 24, 2013 11:48 AM

Only 2 nights in NYC after a long time away-- where to drink cheaply?

I lived in New York City from 1995 to 2004 and am taking my first semi-extended trip back there since I left in 2004. I have exactly two nights to spend there and would love to hit up 3 or 4 bars. Most of my old favorites are long closed. My boyfriend and I are staying at a hotel in the outer boroughs and plan to devote most of our browsing to East Village/West Village, though we may hit some other parts of the city as well. I'm far from a drink snob and would love to find something that isn't too ridiculously spendy or scenester-y (don't want to wait in long lines just to get a drink; don't want to have to get all gussied up in formal wear, but any place that would welcome a low-key woman in a dress and combat boots would be okay. Any suggestions? I was looking through some other threads on this topic, but most seem quite out of date.

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  1. Some favorites of mine in the West and East Village. LES too - all non sceney.

    WXOU. -

    Schoolbred's - Don't let the Scottish comments in the review throw you. Unless you were tipped to it you'd never know. They've got a fireplace too.

    Barramundi -

    Manitoba's -

    Sophie's -

    Where are you staying in the Outer Boroughs? You might be near some worthwhile places.

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        I am staying in Woodside, Queens-- not exactly a glamorous locale, but I lived there for a couple of years, am comfortable with navigating the neighborhood, and was able to find inexpensive lodgings near the 7 train line. For old time's sake, I may hit up the pub Sean Ogs that is located in that area. My boyfriend is not a drinker, and I am not exactly a lush either, but I love people-watching in bars during my travels.

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          P.S., Bob-- Schoolbred's actually sounds great. I would have never known about it without your tip. The New York trip was a last-minute replacement for a trip to Scotland that we've since had to put off, so this might be a funny way to commemorate that. Thank you.

          1. re: Dotyparx

            Glad to help. Since you're staying in Woodside you'll be happy to learn that Donovan's is still a good place for a beer and a burger.


        2. The crowd at The Belfry and Whisky Tavern isn't bougie.

          1. Drinking at happy hour would be best since most places have some kind of special.

            Right now i like gin palace in e.village- basic gin and tonic $7, all others $10- which is great for a nice cocktail

            1. Did you ever go to 7B (Horseshoe) when you lived in NYC? Still there, still a dump. Ahem...dive....