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Sep 24, 2013 11:32 AM

How has Per Se been lately?

Anyone eat at Per Se recently? How was your meal?

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  1. Dined both in the Salon and the main dining room in August, and both meals were (as always) spectacular!

    1. I have been returning to Per Se dining room once in every two - three months lately and my lastest visit was early this month.

      This time I had extended menu for the third time. Savory dishes were good to great, although overall somewhat lackluster compared to what I had last year.

      Desserts were really disappointing.
      They gave me champagne en gelee, which is just a tiny dome of champagne jelly with foam... (-_-;)
      Then cracker jack, which is one scoop of caramel ice cream with grated butterfinger... (-_-;) (-_-;)
      And lastly, chocolate mousse....
      What the...?

      They even omitted so called "assortment of desserts" supposedly composed of fruit, ice cream, chocolate, and candies, which appears on my printed menu they handed out to me at the end of the meal, but was never served, which makes my 'extended menu' only 16 courses.

      Per Se used to be perfect in every way in the past.
      It has been slowly going down the hill lately, and my recent experences always left something to be desired.

      It is still good, but not great any longer.
      The extended menu I had this time was my last trial and I was underwhelmed. I am not going back.

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      1. re: kosmose7

        That's what I was afraid of..
        I've heard recently that Per Se isn't as good as it used to be...
        I had a perfect meal there back in 2007 and am hoping to go back soon.. however I have heard some negative reviews recently which makes me sad =(/.

        1. re: silencespeak

          Indeed. Per Se used to be the best of the best back then.... I sometimes look at the photos of Per Se I took in those old days and I can't help but to compare them to now... and I feel so sad too.