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Sep 24, 2013 11:14 AM

Moderate Options in Walking Distance of Warwick Hotel

I am staying at the Warwick hotel and taking a few folks out for dinner. I am looking for something relatively close (within a few blocks) as we'll want to walk

I'm hoping to keep price moderate under $30 for an entrée, and a place where we can chat and enjoy lingering a bit over the meal with a nice or interesting atmosphere would be great.

I've looked at Seasonal Restaurant and Wein Bar and Kilo, both look interesting, anyone know these places?

As for cuisine I'd prefer no Indian, Asian, or Italian. Almost anything else is fine.

Any and all suggestions welcome.


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  1. Sorry - I just recommended a Japanese place before fully reading your post. My apologies.

    1. I was also wondering about Pulse or Fig and Olive. Would either of those be good?

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        Fig and olive has great atmoshphere. Food is just ok at least from my experience.

      2. I am not sure if that area is known for restaurants you can linger around but here are some suggestions. Benoit and Modern barn rooms. If you want something more casual, La bonne soupe.

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            That's where they keep the free range chickens.

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              Thanks, Motosport. Apparently there is something Kathryn doesn't know about.

        1. The Bar room at The Modern is conveniently located.
          Otherwise head East or Northwest to the UWS. Not a bad walk if you like walking.

          1. I like Benoit for a low-key dinner, with mains mostly under $30.
            I like lunch at Bar Room at the Modern, but it can be very noisy.