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Sep 24, 2013 10:26 AM

Kyle / Buda area recs

I'll be lunching with a friend that I haven't seen in forever tomorrow in the Kyle / Buda area. Are there any interesting or really good choices in that area? I don't recall seeing anything but, if you know of a place that you can recommend, I will really appreciate it. Thanks!

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  1. milts pitt bbq can be good, but we all know how variable bbq can be...

    1. I've had decent meals at Garcia's (Tex Mex) and really enjoyed their tortilla soup. A block away north east is Chavelo's, and they have good menudo and barbacoa, but their pastor is scary, sort of like a pork manwich. Cleveland's just a few shops down from Garcia's is a place still hitting its cajun stride, but they fly in fresh seafood a few times each week from the Gulf supplier and fresh shuck their fried oysters as anyone should. Huge, plump, and tender melt in your mouth morsels. We didn't like the crabcakes much, but I'm a complete MD explant that snobbishly makes better crabcakes than I can get anywhere around here. All these places are 4+ stars on yelp and imperfect nonetheless. But you can do much worse and probably not much better in these towns. kindly report back. I guess if I had to decide, I'd give the nod to Garcia's for texmex, Cleveland's for domestic seafoody fare and a pretty darn solid bloody mary. After that it's pretty much the racist sexual orientation intolerant Cracker Barrel for chicken and dumplings and catfish.

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        after dreaming of el taco rico 'coa last night I hit up chavelo's for lunch today. I wasn't terribly impressed. the 'coa was just average and the fajitas seemed to be marinated in manwich. top it off with store bought tortillas and I'm not likely to return. one positive was the tres leches which was HUGE and pretty good.

        my favorite texmex in the area is Casa Garcias in Kyle. beautiful homemade tortillas and decent texmex food (I would come for the tortillas alone).

        in the same shopping complex, ilario makes a solid pizza. if only they delivered...

        I've just been to clevelands once and it was ok. I miss the burger place that it replaced :(