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Sep 24, 2013 09:17 AM

Lulu's Kitchen - Sichuan in Concord

A friend asked what I thought of Lulu's Kitchen in Concord, a new Sichuan specialist. Admittedly I had not heard of it yet.

So, any 'hounds who can tell us about it?

Lulu's Kitchen
1657 Willow Pass Rd
Concord, CA 94520
(925) 609-9090

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  1. A coupon for 10% off on dinner, good through 11/30/13.

    Mention from "intomeat",

    1. This was a timely post for me, I had a meeting today in Concord that ended at lunchtime, so I suggested that we find Lulu's.
      Only a couple of other tables were taken, so the three of us were seated immediately.
      We ordered Cumin Lamb, ($7.95), House Special Pork with Sour Vegetables ($6.95) and our host, who doesn't like spicy so much, had Chicken Fried Rice ($6.95?). Both luncheon dishes came with rice and we all received a cup of egg drop soup. One in our party also ordered Barley Milk tea, which he said was pretty good.
      Both the pork and lamb dishes had some spiciness, but more from red chile than from sichuan peppercorn flavor. There was a good bit of red oil on the plate of each dish. The fried rice was okay but wouldn't have been my selection. Pretty good sized portions though.

      I would classify this as a better than average Chinese lunch spot, and I will most likely come back to try some other items, but next time I am craving Sichuan, I might head for Sichuan Fortune House instead.

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      1. re: KatoK

        Thanks for the report. In my experience cumin lamb doesn't have Sichuan peppercorns, maybe the other dish doesn't, either. Not all Sichuan dishes feature them.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          You are right, we probably didn't order the most representative Sichuan offerings for the ma la effect.

        2. re: KatoK

          Thanks for giving Lulu's a look-see, KatoK! I'm wondering if the sour vegetables with the special pork turned out to be pickled Napa cabbage or?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            No pickled cabbage, the dish was served with sliced green peppers that I thought might be anaheims. I am reviewing the take out menu and perhaps I got the name of the dish wrong, I don't see any sour vegetable dishes. It may have been Preserved Pork with House Special Sauce, I didn't actually select that offering. Sorry for my confusion.
            There are a number of items on the non-lunch menu that sound less mainstream, so exploration of those options may give a better representation of what Lulu's is about.

        3. Had lunch at LuLu's not too long ago, ordered from the full menu. The food is solid from a Chengdu chef. The wait person suggested a "new" dish not on the menu - steamed fish. Boneless fish steamed on a bed of soft tofu with ma la sauce on top. Very good. Spicing appears to be authentic. DCs ordered two other dishes (some sort of fried rice and cannot remember the other one.) Competently prepared. Wii definitely return if in the neighborhood or even make a destination run. Interior is attractive, tables are not crowded. (Lu, one of the owners designed the interior. We suggested the removal of the ubiquitous Chinese-restaurant-pasted-on-the-wall-special-menus would make the restaurant that much more appealing. ☺)

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          1. re: الشره

            Wow, haven't seen a post from you for ages, thanks for sharing.

            If anyone tries the mapo doufu, please fill us in here,