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Sep 24, 2013 08:59 AM

Looking for an Asian restaurant (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, any kind!) for a group of 14-16 people!

So, I'm turning 25 and wanted to go to an Asian restaurant (any type of Asian cuisine, I'm not picky). The party size is around 14-16 people, and the items have to include something for vegetarians and vegans guests!

I have searched around and found that Lee Chen Asian Bistro looks like a good option, but I do want to go out after we eat so I suppose the area around Lee Chen would be unsuitable for that. I'm not opposed to taking a cab if it comes down to it though!

In terms of after the restaurant, I would like to go somewhere that we can dance! I'm not looking for a club, so something like a bar dance place, or a lounge-y dance place would be fun. But of course, the ideal would be walking distance from the restaurant we're eating at but again, not terribly opposed to taking a cab.

Any thoughts?

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