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Sep 24, 2013 08:45 AM

Lunch Options on South Main in Ann Arbor

Hi All,

I just started working from an office space on South Main Street and am looking for good lunch options. Normally I will do take out and eat in the office, so quick options to go or where I can call in would be great. Also must be a 10-12 minute walk if at all possible.

So far I have checked out the food trucks at Mark's Trucks (had an awesome short rib salad concoction from the Beet Box yesterday) and today I'm going to try Jazzy Veggie.

I usually like healthier options for lunch: salads, sandwiches, veggie options etc.

Interested in your ideas.

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  1. For a bowl of soup, Le Dog is terrific. The Liberty St. place has a slightly more extensive menu, I think, but S. Main is the same stuff. I'm sure you've heard all about Ann Arbor's own version of the Soup Nazi at the Liberty place. Pay him no mind. Order clearly and promptly, and you will be rewarded with a lunch that ranges from good to sublime (central European soups, lobster bisque [not so healthy], many of his Tuesday-Wednesday specials like pozole, cassoulet). His wife runs the Main St. location.

    Jolly Pumpkin is great, and their sandwiches, mostly veg, are not cheap but not outlandish either.

    Babo gourmet grocery at Division and Washington has both hot and cold food cases with many options, soups.

    In the Kerrytown shopping center, there is always a daily fish special and some other seafood dishes like clam chowder at Monahan's seafood market—always good. For vegan food, try the Lunch Room there (I'm a carnivore and hard to satisfy with vegan food, but this place, which is new, has done it.) Enjoy!

    1. South Main and where?
      How far do you want to walk?

      the oddest but most safe physical location
      ( you need to go through security!) to eat in Ann Arbor is the coffee shop in the courthouse on Main & Huron.

      Babo on Washington is a large deli market with everything.

      Peoples Food Coop is good for healthy fare, they have a hot & cold food bar & prepared items.
      other choices in the Kerrytown area include Monahans fish - lunch from 11-3 .
      The farmers market on Wednesday has some prepared food carts or stands- Pilars, & usually a few others.
      Quite a few of the student area eateries do delivery so maybe that's an option?
      Franks on Maynard is another old style forgotten place, sort of a 1960's style coney. Le Dog is also popular & has veggie items.
      Sabor Latino on Main St.

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      1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

        Sorry----new to the area so I forgot the cross street. I'm at South Main and Huron.

      2. other favorites not too far from Main St
        all pizza + italian menu

        NYPD (best NY pizza slices) or
        Neopapalis (pizza made to order) on William
        Anthonys in South Main Market
        you can call ahead for pickup.

        1. Hippie hash from the Fleetwood on Ashley. If you're squeamish about the crowd, get it to go. Jerusalem gardens and earthen jar up by the library in 5th and liberty for excellent veggie options. Try San fu for wonton soup and a spring roll, or decent general tso's.

          1. Thank you everyone! These are all great ideas and I'm sure they'll keep me busy exploring. I'll make sure to report back if I find anything fantastic.

            Yesterday I walked to Back Alley Gourmet....further than I thought it was going to be so likely not an every day occurrence, but it was a good sandwich and cute little shop.

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              re: Main St Mkt
              Vietnamese sandwich place might be opening soon ?
              "By the pound" is a great shop for bulk food-tea & baking supplies. there's a Polish deli & Jesus at the shoe repair place does a fantastic job w/ shoes & handbags etc.