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Sep 24, 2013 08:28 AM

Casual place for after the marathon

Need your suggestions. I'm looking for a causal bar/restaurant in Chicago, ideally near Lincoln Park, open Sunday evenings, with space for people to hang out and come/go for a couple of hours, and room for strollers. Is this an impossible mission? Any ideas?

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  1. I think you may get more responses if you were a bit more specific in your request. There are literally 100s of bars/restaurants that fit your parameters. In my neighborhood of Lincoln Square, I could name at least three places (Bad Dog, Big Apple, Latitudes, The Daily).

    -- Do you live in Chicago? If not, ask your hosts what they would recommend

    -- Narrow down your location. Lincoln Park is a huge area.

    -- How many people are you expecting at the beginning?

    1. Hi RJ Grunts and Cafe BabaReeba are restaurants that would work. As lbs mentioned, there are numerous casual bar/rest type places in LP. If you narrow down the area, can give further suggestions

      1. Host is coming in from Detroit and holding court for Chicago friends. Last year they held it at Bin 96, it's a come and go kind of thing where old friends gather. They just want to be a bit further north this year.

        1. We're staying near Clark and Diversey. Since it's a come and go thing a table reservation would not work - more of a lounge with food I think.

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            RJ Grunts will not work, it's the smallest place on the park. The actually lock up your strollers outside its so tight in there.

            You may want to consider the neighborhood bar scene, and technically Clark and Diversey is Lakeview. The following are around the are you're considering:

            Four Farthings
            DOC Winebar
            My old favorite Yak-Zies
            Mickies / Galway Arms

            None of these has anything wonderful on the food front, but in that neighborhood you'll be pushing it for anything good that would allow a hang out/in and out vibe.

          2. How many people are in your group? You can try Hema's Kitchen for Indian food or The Peasantry for high end street food just south of you. East of you, there's Tommy Knuckles. North of your hotel, there's Red Pig Asian Kitchen for Thai and Melanthos for Greek. Come and go may be a logistical nightmare for the kitchen so try to look for one that isn't busy.