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Sep 24, 2013 08:03 AM

Buleria in Hollywood

Has anyone been to this Spanish Tapas place? Their menu looks really authentic - but then again who knows if they execute well. Would like to hear from anyone who has had the experience

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  1. This is a great restaurant in downtown Hollywood. We went for the Flamenco dancing they have on weekends, and it was very good, but the real surprise was the great food, everything was perfectly done and very tasty, prices quite reasonable, service very friendly. It's a small, intimate, unpretentious place. Everyone in our party of four had a great time. The paella does take about 40 mins to prepare, but well worth the wait. Will definitely be going back. Highly recommended. If you go on weekends call ahead to reserve.

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      Thanks! Sounds good so will try very soon.

    2. Had a pretty terrible meal here. Everything hot came directly from the microwave. I could hear it ding about 2 min before each dish came out. It was Sat night at about 8pm and we were the only people in the place. We also got the large meat and cheese plate but as we were leaving there was another table of 5 people that got the same plate but there was definitely much more food on it. Try at your own risk.