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Sep 24, 2013 07:35 AM

best moderately priced sushi in manhattan

I am taking my son for his birthday and am looking for recs either in the village or near any of the art museums-not sure where we are going yet. I have been for sushi with my husband in the city and we spent a couple hundred; not looking to spend that much this time. Just want to make sure we get fresh and good sushi. Thanks

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  1. Very hard to give a rec without knowing price range or location.

    Is this for dinner or lunch? What day of the week? Many sushi places only do weekday lunch (not weekend lunch). Or are dinner only and closed Sundays.

    How much ARE you willing to spend, per person, before tax, tip, wine, drinks? $50pp? $75pp?

    When will you know what art museum you are going to? That makes a big difference. A lot of the well known sushi places aren't that near the Village (I assume you meant West/Greenwich Village and not the East Village)? And they aren't terribly close to the art museums on Museum Mile (Whitney, Guggenheim, Met) either. However, MoMA will have more options nearby.

    Near the West Village are Soto, Ushiwakamaru, and Nakazawa. 15 East if you are counting Union Square. None of these are really "moderately priced," dependent upon your definition of "moderately priced." Maybe Ushi if you order very carefully.

    Chez Sardine in the WV is good and moderately priced (our dinner last night was just over $100 for 2, including tax and tip, no drinks) but not traditional sushi at all.

    There are some on the UES that are much more gentle on the wallet if you get that day's "chef's choice" set (Tanoshi, for example) but they are hike from 5th Ave/East 80s, where the museums are.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks, I will check out your recs. We are going out on Sat. night, we may go to Moma before. Usually at home my husband and I will spend around $125 before tips for a couple of beers, two rolls and about 16 pieces of sushi. The one time we went out in nyc near Rockefeller Center we spent more than twice that at lunch. Looking for fresh not necessarily showstopper sushi or too fancy a place where we would have to get overly dressed up.

        1. re: kathryn

          Sorry don't remember the name, it was a place around the corner from the ice rink that my husband had been with business associates. It was really good and had sushi that we don't usually get at our regular place. But my son can eat a lot of sushi!

    2. I think Tanoshi Sushi Sake Bar is essentially what you're looking for -- if you can get a reservation.

      You'd have to convince yourself that 70th St. or so and York is near the Whitney.

      1. Yama on Irving around Union Square is good and moderately priced. Sushi Yasaka is on the UWS not too far from the Natural History Museum - and is probably the best moderately priced sushi I've had in the city.

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        1. re: anw2018

          I don't think Yama is particularly good, but after having a server there alter the amount of tip left on a receipt, I will never ever go back and would recommend against it to anyone.

          1. re: loratliff

            Slightly OT, lora, but how did you know the server altered the tip -was it through checking your bank account online after the meal and comparing the charge to your receipt?

            (I ask because I'm a regular at the Yama on E.50th, and I'd hate to think they were engaged in that sort of perfidy. And hate to think that this's one more sort of petty theft I'll have to worry about in my life.)

          2. re: anw2018

            I second Yasaka if you're on the UWS - they have mini/full omakase for only like $25/$45, and the quality is ridiculous for that price. I believe some of the guys who opened it are Gari alums, but could be wrong.

          3. I haven't been in a while, but I always liked Shimizu on 51st for a price not so far from what you describe, and fairly near MoMA.

            1. I would suggest Sushiden, but dunno if that's out of your price range.

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                1. re: Monica

                  And another vote for Sushiden.

                  I recommend Sushiden Madison Avenue (slightly better and marginally more expensive than Sushiden Sixth Avenue).

                  My favorite dish is chirashi sushi ($42), composed of one box of assorted sashimi, and another separate box of vinegared rice covered with broiled eel, egg, pink colored 'denbu (steamed & dried fish + sugar similar to cotton candy)', shitake mushroom, etc.

                  chirashi sushi photo:

                  Sushiden website:


                  1. re: kosmose7

                    Have you ever ordered sushi at Sushiden? How were they? Do you still prefer chirashi? While I love chirashi, I also find eating sushi at a good sushi restaurant more intimate and delicate experience..because it clearly shows the chef's skill.

                    1. re: Monica

                      Yes I did. While its nigiri sushi is decent, I find chirashi sushi better value-for-money at Sushiden.

                2. re: ipsedixit

                  Sushiden looks similar in price to where we go at home. The 6th ave locale is open on Saturday so maybe we will give this a go. Thanks everyone!