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Sep 24, 2013 07:00 AM

Asheville for two nights!

Too many restaurants, too little time! Will be in Asheville for a Monday and Tuesday night in mid October. From postings here, it looks like we've narrowed our dinners to The Admiral, Seven Sows, Bouchon and Table. So unfortunately, will have to cut two out. What do you other Chow'ers think are the best two? It looks like Bouchon is open for lunch, so maybe that's a way to squeak in a third. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Bouchon isn't open for lunch...only their creperie which isn't that great. Most people on here are going to tell you to pick Admiral and SS. I'd personally choose one of those (both are excellent) but I love Bouchon and it's very different from the other two so I would make that my #2. I'd skip Table for dinner but they do offer lunch (although that wouldn't be my first choice for lunch either, sorry).

    Were you not interested in Curate or Zambra, the two popular tapas restaurants? These are perrineal favorites as well. I'd pick one of those over Bouchon in my earlier scenario.

    Check to make sure who is open on Mondays - typically that's a day many restaurants in town are closed.

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      Curate is open for lunch and is very good.

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        Thanks to all for the input. While the menu at Curate looks marvelous, we've got similar options for tapas in here in the Triangle. The lunch option might be the way to go for that, though.

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          No. We do not have anything like Curate in the Triangle. Not at all. And yes, I've been to Mateo's. They are very good, but not like Curate.

      2. Miss Piggy is right...most people would say take the first two, and I'm one of them. ;-) Hands down, no question.

        1. Admiral edged out Seven Sows as our favorite earlier this month. Our third night was Cucina 24-very good as well.

          1. Hello all, and thank you for your suggestions. I wanted to report back on our trip. Across the board, we were very impressed with the customer service - everyone from the host/hostesses, wait staff and occasional owners at each place we stopped were incredibly helpful. Now onto the food....
            Monday night we did Bouchon, and the food was a mixed bag. We love traditional escargot, and Bouchon's was certainly that - garlicky loveliness with puff pastry caps. I had a very good chicken dish, a confit leg and thigh served over pumpkin ravioli in a sage cream sauce, while hubby had the braised rabbit. The rabbit was on the bone, which was difficult to deal with as it was under a puff pastry and swimming in cream sauce, that didn't seem to have any mustard in it as the menu claimed. . The leg meat was easily dispatched from the bones, but the saddle was impossible to work with in the vast amount of sauce, and he kept biting into the small rib bones from the saddle, which he found very off-putting.
            Tuesday for lunch, we were in Biltmore Village, and enjoyed the Corner Kitchen.
            Tuesday for dinner we did Seven Sows, and I must say, it was the star of the trip, even though it has had some marginal reviews in some other threads. We started with the chicken liver small plate, and the accents of red pepper jelly and the "schmear" of cream cheese on the plate contrasted very well with the fried livers. Then on to the pecan smoked pork belly, which was even better, with the Pepsi reduction, pimento cheese grits and pickled veg. We split the pork chop entrée, and the pork was a thick, juicy cut, cooked to perfection. We really enjoyed how the sweetness of the carrot butter and the vinegary tang of the butter bean chow chow worked with the pork and the grits underneath.
            The next morning we stumbled upon City Bakery while waiting for the Chop Shop to open and got some wonderful hamburger buns and an incredible sunflower wheat bread. Once Chop Shop opened, we loaded up on some steaks and sausages, which they thoughtfully vacuum sealed for us for the trip back to the Triangle. We grilled strip steaks that night, and they were wonderfully marbled and full of flavor. Can't wait to get into the ribeyes next!
            All in all, a wonderful few days in Asheville.