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Sep 24, 2013 04:12 AM

San Diego Hound in Philly for Three Days

I'll be in town this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday...

I'd love to get some things I can't find out here on the west coast. A suggestion for really great Italian would be much appreciated..both high end/lower end(think deli).

Anything else that is particularly unique to Philly that I've got to try?

Would love two nice meals (up to 60/pp w/o alcohol) as well as anything else you wouldn't recommend I leave Philly without trying. Also, I know about Pat and Geno's...but are these just touristy places? Can a better philly be found somewhere else?

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  1. Nice meals, i can offer 1. I would try to make a reservation for Amada, owned by iron chef Jose Garces. The small plates menu should fall within your price range and i believe you will be very satisfied. Other than that, try to pick up a Roast Pork/Broccoli rabe at DiNIcs in the Reading Terminal market!!!!

    1. At the risk of being redundant; here are a few choices.
      Zahav - Israeli- highly touted, friendly, busy
      Dandelion - British- upscale pub
      Parc - French Bistro-on Rittenhouse Sq.-people watching
      Amada -Spanish small plates
      The Oyster House - (not Maine but just in case you need it)
      Osteria/Amis - Italian (popular now, CH's will note others)
      Tria-3locations-Wine,Beer, Small plates-European feel
      Distrito- Mexican in Universtiy City
      Village Whiskey - arguably -The best burger & frieds
      Barbazzo -assorted small plates -very busy place
      Vegg - you guessed it...great bar, nice venue, interesting food

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      1. In my opinion, Pat's and Genos are definitely just touristy places. You can get an equally good (bad?) cheesesteak at many places around Philadelphia. If you go to the Reading Terminal Market, which is in Center City Philadelphia, there are places that make a decent cheesesteak there, But you can also get other sandwiches, including a roast pork, broccoli rabe and sharp provolone from DiNics, the lamb shoulder sandwich at Border Springs Lamb Farm stand (they make a great lamb taco, but I hesitate to suggest that to someone from a region with great Mexican food.. ) a muffalletta at Beck's Cajun cafe or a great pastrami sandwich at Herschel's Deli. I would suggest you also try to get to Paesano's where they make great italian hoagies and other sandwiches.

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        1. re: cwdonald

          I've actually been to Paesano's and absolutely loved it.

          Thanks for the recs guys.

        2. You're visiting at the tail end of Restaurant Week, so be sure to find out if the places you choose are serving their full menu or just the truncated RW menus. Some places are not a bad deal for $35 per person, but I'm usually one who skips RW altogether.

          For one of your "nice meals", take a look at Sbraga. It is a fixed price 4 course menu for $49 per person and they do not do Restaurant Week.

          1. Try the bargain tasting menu at Modo Mio, one of our best Italian restaurants (which is also a BYOB).