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Fake Online Reviews - NY busts international "reputation managing" lies!

A sting operation, a frozen yogurt front! Good grief! Exposing the international business of fake online reviews:


Anybody know which yogurt shop was the front operation?

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  1. Surely it was a This Can't Be Yogurt store.

    1. I say, keep going!

      Boy, would I like to apply this watchdog to employment sites like Glassdoor!

      1. No specifics about the yogurt shop in the NY Times piece either.

        1. Never cared much for online reviews, except for CH. And even if they cracked down like this in every city I still would never check yelp, due to their elite bs

          1. Does this mean I'm going to stop receiving my checks?

            1. I find that the addition of a star to the rating results in a 5 to 9% increase to the bottom line all the explanation needed. Another item of note was the 19 companies contacting the shop in the course of a year.

              1. The frogurt is also cursed...but it comes with a free topping!

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                1. Just saw something on TV where they interviewed a 17 year old girl who would write a review in a few minutes and get $4.00 a review.

                  1. Yelp sells advertising to the very businesses it claims to offer impartial reviews of. Therefore I find it inherently a dishonest business model. I'm not surprised that other people/companies 'freelance' efforts to improve Yelp ratings.
                    I do find it a useful source for addresses, operating hours, and contact info.

                    1. HOORAY for exposing them!

                      I saw this once when Yelp bounced every positive review by genuine clients of my manicurist, published every negative one of random Groupon one-time customers and then tried to sell her a subscription in order to release the flattering reviews.

                      It was really unethical and scummy of them but it *did* make very clear to me that above all you can't rely on Yelp.