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Sep 24, 2013 12:43 AM

Great place for a 21st birthday in SF

Hi, my youngest daughter is turning 21 and I'm looking for a place that: 1) she can't afford (she's a student) and 2) has at lot of cool 20 somethings running around so she doesn't feel like Dad has dragged her and her siblings out to someplace he would go. Pre-reqs: really good food and a full bar (she needs a 21st bday cocktail after all). Thanks

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  1. Someplace like Blowfish Sushi would be good, but may be more of a professional, after-work vibe. However, the food and cocktails are delicious. Some hip place in the Mission would be good too, like Kiji Japanese Restaurant or Delfina.

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      do you go to Blowfish regularly, recently? i haven't been in years because the last time i went the food was awful - as in fish was soggy, not fresh, and blah. used to be a favorite.

      i would agree with Delfina.

      to the OP, maybe take your daughter up to El Techo over Lolinda for her first official cocktail (very happening place at the moment with the kids) and a great view of the City (you'd better get their early enough, with the days already starting to lengthen), and then head back downstairs to either Lolinda or Foreign Cinema. Lolinda in particular seems to have a young vibe, and great food, FC is fun if you get a seat on the patio with the movie playing in the background. or you could really grunge it up and eat dinner in FC's next door bar, Laszlo - it looks like a divey bar but you can get the full FC menu.

      1. i think most decently nice places are either going to have a professional / after work vibe, or an older crowd.

        yakiniQ in japantown has a pretty lively and young (mostly asian) crowd

        i'm thinking marina / cow hollow for young. maybe a16? they have lots of wine choices.

        1. What about Nopa? Good food & full bar.

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            nopa could be good. i think the crowd is a lot more 30 or 40-something than 20-something, but it is a lively, fun place.

            osha thai is not a favorite of mine, but for whatever reason i hear of a lot of young people celebrating birthdays there.

            the thing is, the nicer the place, the less likely there are going to be people in their early 20s.

          2. you might also consider comal in berkeley.

            it isn't in sf, but it is near berkeley campus, so has a bit of a young vibe that lets it be upscale without feeling as corporate / after-workey as a lot of places in sf.

            they've also got a great bar.