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Sep 23, 2013 11:43 PM

Blue Cheese on Entrees: Am I the Only One Gagging?

I've wanted to ask this question for decades: Am I really the only one who reacts to a seafood, meat or poultry entree containing blue cheese- like someone who has just heard fingernails scrape a chalkboard?

I confess that my blue cheese taste is very rich/creamy/fatty oriented and I love that profile in a salad or with certain fresh fruit and bread, but THAT is the only place i think blue cheese belongs. My condemning opinion is based on two personal judgements:
1) the blue cheese flavor simply does not complement that of seafood, poultry, meat
2) blue cheese is just TOO overpowering of other flavors, and it infects the taste buds such that the blue cheese taste is all they can perceive on a plate of myriad other components.

Yet i continue (to be horrified) to see many or most chefs including blue cheese on entrees. I actually use its presence as an indicator of the talent, or lack thereof, of a chef (whose restaurant or cookbook i am considering) But i also practice denial and if i see it being used by a chef i admire, i willfully forget i saw it mentioned!

Am I alone on this bus?

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  1. No, not alone lol. I cringe when I see blue cheese on menu items because it's often applied so heavy-handedly.

    Blue cheeses tend to have such strong, distinctive flavors and I do enjoy them, but in smaller amounts with a more neutral item such as greens or bread. I think that steak with blue cheese is just ridiculous, the flavors aren't complementary but they battle instead.

    1. Are you are asking if your taste is right? is yes. I love Blue Cheese : like your self mainly on salads. I also Like it in liberal amounts on burgers and with spicy chicken wings that breaks your rule not mine. Seafood would be a stretch. As far as steak I am a purist so no but that again is my taste.

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      1. re: chris2269

        Burger ok. Chicken wings ok.
        Filet mignon with cabrales and brandy sauce with matchstick potatoes ok.

        Strip steak no
        Fish no
        Other chicken no

        1. re: melpy

          Yup. But it needs to be done with a light hand. One of the reasons it's good on chicken Buffalo wings is that the wings are highly seasoned and the blue cheese is diluted into a dressing. Chunks of pure blue cheese are too much when a smear would be just fine.

          Blue cheese with fish. No. Never.

          1. re: melpy

            You make a good point. A SAUCE that includes blue cheese is one thing. Just a glob of it on top of a piece of beef, no. I can't imagine it with chicken or fish.

          2. re: chris2269

            I love blue cheese in salads, but I also enjoy it quite regularly on entrees - burgers, chicken, sandwiches, steak. I have never used it with seafood. When I use it on meats, it's very gently applied. If I order a burger coated in blue cheese I'm guaranteed to not like it but a light sprinkle is quite nice.

          3. it's a trend that will pass. and is quite on it's way out IMHO now that certain chain corporate kitchens have picked up on it.

            maybe in a burger, but seafood? ugh, no thanks.

            I AM however considering working up a fennel root, apple, onion and blue cheese casserole... maybe pistachios play a role, maybe not.

            1. You are correct. Blue cheese may be wonderful with a glass of sweet wine or possibly with some salad, but as you say does not belong in an entree.

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              1. re: JosefK

                josef, I always knew you were brilliant! :-}

              2. If I have bleu cheese on my grilled steak, I skip the salt. I also tend to pair the two with a really robust red, like a barolo or a barbaresco, but I know folks who think that's going too far. My wife thinks bleu cheese tastes like vomit which means more for me. I can appreciate how you think it would overpower the other flavors, but I think it's a matter of taste. Some folks want their food smothered in cilantro, which I think is disgusting, but more power to them.