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Sep 23, 2013 10:06 PM

Neveux Artisan Creamery

Tried this newish ice cream place on Melrose last weekend. Flavors were very nice. I liked the creme fraiche, salted caramel, espresso caramel, pepper peach and others. While the flavor came together well, the texture could have been better. They were a bit icy and not as creamy as I would have liked. It's a good option, though, it an area without a lot of great ice cream.

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  1. I once had an awful encounter with the rude owner. (I asked for a mixed pint -- I was buying three, the store was empty -- and he refused and berated me). I don't care how good the ice cream is (and it's only good, not great) , the place should not be patronized.

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    1. re: wengelberg

      Can you please explain your rude encounter ????

      thanks man.

    2. Been there a few times and love it. I think the texture is better/more consistent than Scoops which is always busier. My favorites are the blueberry chevre and rosemary butterscotch. Never had service issues.

      I like Sweet Rose a little bit more, but it's too far.

      1. I love Neveux.
        The rosemary butterscotch, creme fresh and basil olive oil rank up as some of the best ice creams I've ever had.

        In terms of quality and flavor I would say Neveux is better than most other ice cream shops including Scoops, Milk, Mother Moo, Coolhaus, and Carmela. Only Sweet Rose can compete (and might actually be better)

        I've never had anything but cordial service. I've asked for customized pints and been politely but firmly turned down, but I never felt insulted.

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            Melrose, just west of Martel on the north side of the street.

            Was that your question?

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              Now I got the area in mind. So it's in the shopping district of Melrose essentially.

          2. Oh, shit.

            Ice-y ?

            That is a complete and utter dealbreaker for me.

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              I've never experienced any sort of ice on my ice cream there unless I've taken it home and refrozen it