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Sep 23, 2013 08:59 PM

Where can I get pasta with uni / sea urchin this weekend?

Looking for a very basic dish of spaghetti with sea urchin or something like that... Anywhere in SF? I know some places have it sometimes like SPQR and La Ciccia and Skool but who will have it for sure?

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  1. I'd like to know as well! I was going to make the exact thread sometime haha

    1. Morimoto in Napa has it, if you are interested in a drive to wine country...

      1. 1760 has a version of this dish, bucatini with uni and bread crumbs.

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        1. I had it recently at Dopo in Oakland but it's not on the menu today. I mention it because despite each of the elements tasting quite good (homemade spaghetti/bucatini, good olive oil, crisp breadcrumbs, decent uni), the whole fell short. I think the pasta overwhelmed the uni (too much of it, too heavy). So the balance of uni to pasta really matters as do the temps (hot pasta and cool uni). I remember tasting this dish the first time in LA and really being wowed. Pls report back if you encounter SF sublime.

          1. Skool always has uni flan.

            La Ciccia's is well worth it.

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              Just call! La Ciccia is well worth it.

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                If you call La Ciccia, the Italian word for sea urchins is ricci (reech-chee). No doubt you will be understood if you ask about the availability of sea urchins or uni, but it helps to know the Italian anyway.