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Sep 23, 2013 08:50 PM

Lobster Roll....again

Going on a New Hampshire-Southern Maine Lobster Roll binge this weekend. I've read many of the links here but I will not travel north of Kennebunkport (and probably not past Wells). Noting that many of the "Best" LR's listed are way north of this boundary, what suggestions would you make for the best. On list right now is Beach Plum, Foot Bridge & Bob's. I've read, perhaps, Maine Diner but will probably just have the Lobster Pie & Indian Bread Pudding with Blueberry ice cream (been there, done it, want more!).

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  1. We like Petey's in Rye, NH for seafood.

    1. this is a really good source for lobster roll reference

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        Oh My Goodness!
        Thank U Thank U Thank U.

        So, the big question, for me, is how many Lobster Rolls can my wife and I eat (splitting between us both) from Friday night til Sunday night. Using your list will be our road map.

      2. If Chauncey's Creek is still open this time of year and the weather is mild, it's worth a visit. in Kittery

        And for a change of pace, Flo's Hotdogs on Rte 1 north of Cape Neddick

        1. We ate at Billy's Chowder House in Wells three times, i liked it that much. :)

          1. 4 Mile Lobster in Cape Neddick. It's my new favorite lobster roll in Maine.