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Sep 23, 2013 07:51 PM

Canadian Whisky

Will be in canada this week. Whisky is expensive there and Canadian whisky is usually cheaper in US. Is there something not exported that I should seek out?

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  1. Hmm I am not sure what you can buy here thats not already sold in US for a lot less (well import Belgian beers are now cheaper here in some cases)
    I am not sure which province you are visiting but if you can find I would recommend 30 year old Alberta Premium. Just amazing for what you pay.

    1. There are all kinds of Canadian Whiskies that are not exported to the US or not exported in any significant quantity.

      I haven't tried many of those since they don't make it down here, but some I would try if I were up there:

      Lot 40
      Gibson's 18
      Alberta Premium
      Danfield 21
      Canadian Rockies 21
      Highwood 25

      1. Where in Canada did you go and did you end up finding anything interesting as far as Canadian whisky?

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          We were in Canada a couple weeks ago and stayed in Canmore and Jasper in Alberta. I ended up bringing back bottles of Lot 40 and Alberta Premium Dark Horse. I also brought back a pint of regular Alberta Premium to give to my Dad. Haven't gotten into any of it yet to give feedback.

          Both came from a store in Jasper that happened to be where I was when I decided I needed to pick up stuff. I also saw Gibson's Finest (12 yr and 18 yr, IIRC), but decided I'd rather have 2 bottles for roughly the same money as either of those. The shop was Jasper Wines, I believe, and they also had a walk-in cooler with an amazing beer selection. I think some of the really exotic beers (Brew Dog, e.g.) and the whiskies had been there for a while, but I didn't see the Dark Horse, for example, in Canmore. They were a few dollars more than internet research indicated, but not a big deal if they really had sold out elsewhere already.

          1. re: mats77

            Last year I was in Nova Scotia and purchased Alberta Premium. Going back next week and will be purchasing Canadian Club Chairman's Rye