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Sep 23, 2013 06:54 PM

S Maine...still open?

Wanting to head up, from Jersey, for some great Lobster, Lob Roll, clams, etc, this weekend. Wells, Kittery, Ogunquit. Are the best places still open post summer season?

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  1. Yes! Most places are still open, especially on weekends.

    1. the southern Maine area is a popular weekend destination. I don't think much of it closes for the winter not like the lobster shacks in the mid-coast area. Even in the mid-coast area most shacks stay open weekends only thru Columbus Day weekend. But, it would be wise to check the particular places you want to visit ... Day's take-out in Yarmouth was not open for dinner last week when we wanted to stop. Ended up at Harraseeket's.

      1. Lord's and Billy's Chowderhouse in Wells should both be open and I found both to be very good. Ate at Billy's three times the week we spent there, and I don't like eating at places more than once 'cos there's usually so many places I want to eat! :)