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Closing time Discount/Sale in Manhattan

Hi there,
I'm wondering whether there is any discount or sales of food near closing time at these deli, supermarkets, bakeries, specialty shops? I'm pretty sure some bakeries do, but I'm more into prepared food than pastries. These shops need to get rid of the food that does not sell out during the day or before the expiration date, right?
Thank you for your input.

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      Thank you so much for your reply. When would be a good time to be there? And I know there is also one around 59th and Madison, what about that one?

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        We order from Delmonico's at work.. very good.

      2. I've seen some Chinese buffets that charge less later in the day (after 3 or 4pm). I think Sunny One on Chambers is one of them.


        And if you're okay with raw materials in addition to prepared food, many of the stands at Union Square Greenmarket start discounting at around 4pm on Saturday. I just learned this; I'm usually there by noon, but I got there late this past weekend.

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          Both New York Mart and Deluxe Food Market discount their hot foods after 5 or 6pm. The roast pork/duck or char siu isn't bad for $3. Usually a good addition to stir fry noodles I might make after refilling on my Asian groceries.

        2. Check with Cafe Kabila.

          1. The amy's breads in chelsea market used to have discounts near closing, haven't been in a while so call to check.
            Also buttercup bakery on 2nd ave discounts their muffins to $1ea after 5pm-call ahead first they may have sold all earlier in the day

            1. Not at closing time, but Woorijip often has discounted sushi and pre-packaged Korean "lunch boxes" early in the day (e.g. 8 am).

              Not technically "day-old" since they were probably left over from the previous "day" at closing time, which is 3 a.m.

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                I think Cafe Zaiya also has closing specials...i think all the prepared food is half off.

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                  They also have discounted lunch boxes in the evening. I used to pass by around 9pm or so from class and there were usually a variety of options available in the refrigerator case. IIRC the lunch box also comes with soup and/or salad even at night.

                2. Remi To-Go sells prepared food half price after 3pm

                  1. Petite Abeille's bakery on 20th St. at 1st Avenue discounts bakery items starting at 3 p.m.

                    1. Any more options around midtown? Or maybe upper west or east side, not too far from midtown would be great!

                      1. I went to Cafe Delmonico at lunch time today. I know it is not discount time yet, just want to check it out. I love the hot/cold bar. So many choices. Better than Wholefoods, which have been my lunch spots for a long long time. Delmonico has more options and the price is the same. Although I do feel that WF offer healthier choices. The tradeoff is that WF's food has less flavor, I feel. Thanks for the recommendation.
                        If anyone knows more in Midtown area, please let me know. Thanks

                        1. We got to Pret a Manger near Grand Central as they locked their doors, and the employee brought out a BIG basket of premade sandwiches for us to take, as many as we wanted. They were great!

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                            That is really really surprising since my understanding was that Pret donated unsold food at the end of the day to city harvest...

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                              What's the difference, really? As long as it doesn't get thrown out.

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                                Donating to City Harvest is helping the hungry/needy.

                                Donating to passer-bys is helping freeloaders.

                                Not that I really care, but there is a qualitative difference.

                                1. re: ipsedixit

                                  Sorry wasn't trying to given anyone any "freegan" ideas! He offered and I assumed the food was about to be tossed. I thought it was so nice myself at the time.

                                  We weren't passer-bys, we wanted to be customers. We had been trying to find somewhere to eat for two hours, but my husband is in a wheelchair and every single place we went was too crowded (Christmas time) or too inaccessible. We're on a limited budget so hadn't made any reservations unfortunately and were pretty darn hungry.

                                  Thank you for your observations, I will be considerate in the future. I wasn't aware of their donation policy, that too is very nice of them.

                          2. Although you said you're not interested in pastries, for the sake of others who are curious, Au Bon Pain offers discounts after 18:00. Not that I'm a fan nowadays, but they were on my college meal plan, 'tis all.

                            Also, late last year, I wandered into one of the Maoz right before closing time. I dig their fixins' bar more so than their falafel, so I asked if I could take some of the stuff home. It took a while to get a thumbs up, but if it's all getting thrown out anyway...it's too bad food banks don't have the staff for to handle this.


                            1. ComeBuy on 29th+5th NE corner discounts their Dough donuts around 7-8pm, forgot how much cheaper, 50% off I think.